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Internet speeds

Started by: mjw1987
On: 17/09/2015 | 16:50
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by: aalper
on: 19/09/2015 | 23:33

I recently got an EE sim to check the 4g speeds. Here is the comparison;



IMG_3586 (1).jpg     IMG_3587 (1).jpg


The only reason I have been staying with giffgaff is that O2 has better reception where I work. But with 10X slower 4g speeds compared to other networks, giffgaff has become a very expensive service!!!

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by: mydrawer
on: 19/09/2015 | 23:48
Agreed it's not cheap now, and 4g poor
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by: harrrrrry
on: 20/09/2015 | 01:34

An upload speed of double the download speed? Something is very weird there.


Does it always give that result?

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by: aalper
on: 20/09/2015 | 08:36

yes it always gives that result for giffgaff. Others have mentioned that in other posts as well. Very weird indeed. But with EE everything seems to be as expected from 4g.

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