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Is it time to call "air time credit" a day ?

Started by: bantonm
On: 03/08/2016 | 04:48
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by: angelfzpz
on: 04/08/2016 | 16:04
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by: davidevans0000
on: 04/08/2016 | 17:58
@pamfletch same here no using credit i am gone.
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by: claw
on: 04/08/2016 | 19:15

No it has it's use. 

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by: bantonm
on: 05/08/2016 | 19:53

Wow, some great responses. my opening question isn't necessarily the answer but we all agree something needs to be done so I hope we can do something about the issue. bear in mind it doesnt affect me because I don't buy air time credit and I am thinking more so of you guys who are low usage, low budget consumers. I hate that someone can just claim you used their service and charge you more than half an hour of graft in wages when they feel like it.

Personally, I don't care what the solution is, as long as it doesn't affect the very people we are trying to protect. I know it may sadly mean enabling credit or converting real money into giffgaff credits (that hold the same value) which can only be used for the users enabled services.

It's obvious why this needs to be done. Let's be honest, making calls, sending texts and using a bit of data are all standard things we want to do so they can be enabled by default, but being scammed or indeed, making a genuine contribution to a charity via sending a text to be charged a large fee needs some protection around it.

As I have said, we must advocate something because the industry is doing nothing, ofcom is doing nothing, the government is doing nothing. When I say nothing, I mean stopping this crap from the outset. So let's put in some sort of preventative measure.

Fact is, like others have suggested, if you really do want to make a payment to some good cause or HPI a car, then have at least a method of digitally signing for allowing the payment, or blocking system so that scum can't just help themselves.

Thanks for replying guys, good to see others are supporting that something be done, from peopel on this thread and previous ideas and threads !

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