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Is our SIM packaging design being mistaken for spam mail?

Started by: prescilla_g
On: 09/11/2018 | 12:19
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by: prescilla_g
community giff-staffer

on: 09/11/2018 | 12:19 edited: 09/11/2018 | 18:53

Good evening everyone and happy Friday! 


We've been having a look at how our SIMs get delivered to brand new members and recently got some insight that sometimes, SIMs never make their arrival to their beloved owner - sad stuff Smiley Sad


We've got a few assumptions as to why that happens, one of which is around the design of the SIM packaging looking a little bit like junk mail.


We've had some really brilliant member ideas about this over on giffgaff Labs, as well here on Contribute but we wanted to resurface the discussion to you all, and find out how you feel about the designs and whether there's room for improvmenet.


Here's how our SIM packaging for new giffgaffers looks today:


Now 2.jpgOlder 1.jpg


And here's a sneaky preview of some of the new packaging that's to come (fingers crossed, if all goes well!)


Experiment 22.jpgExperiment 23.jpg


A couple of questions:


  • What do you folks think of the two designs?
  • Does any particular design catch your eye?
  • Which one do you prefer?
  • Are there any areas we could improve, particularly when it comes to size and our SIMs being mistaken for junk mail?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts everyone Smiley Happy


Prescilla and the giffgaff SIM packaging design team


Research and insights lady

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by: joolzian
on: 09/11/2018 | 19:14

Why keep calling Mohammed, Alan? That might confuse someoneSmiley Very Happy I don't quite understand how anyone expecting a sim could mistake the current for spam. It looks very obvious to me.

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by: dihqgo
on: 09/11/2018 | 19:46
Most my actual mail comes in plain white or brown envelopes and most of my spam mail is brightly coloured. I prefer blank envelopes - it's nobody else's business what sort of mail I'm getting, and I'm personally not a fan of businesses addressing me like I'm a friend.

Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear.

I noticed you've got more ink on that new design - will that bring costs up?
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by: woodyuk
on: 09/11/2018 | 20:32

From the assorted rubbish that comes through our door each week I think it's pretty much a fact that most junk mail comes in bright and gawdy envelopes so I'm not certain that either option will cure the problem.


I know from helping out at Twitter that a lot of sims never seem to arrive and thinking about it I suppose there's a fair chance they could have gone straight in the recycling bin along with the fastfood menus and other junk that arrived the same day.


So,a bit radical maybe but I suggest you trial sending them out in plain,business like envelopes for a few weeks and see if the amount of non arrivals falls.If you put giffgaff's details on the back of the envelope just as most other companies do,the recipients will be able to see at a glance who it's from and if the trial doesn't make any difference you can have another look at alternative packaging.

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by: zakrs
on: 09/11/2018 | 20:35

Just one suggestion. 


"We've got your plan and sim card inside" suggests that inside there is a sim card loaded with money (£10) so it could be a target for...stealing? 

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by: blackfive460
on: 09/11/2018 | 20:59

My first thought before reading the thread was switch to plain, white DL envelope so you can add my vote to those preferring something less fancy.

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by: herne1
on: 09/11/2018 | 20:59 edited: 12/12/2018 | 12:14
I'm all for plain envelope delivery with only a return giffgaff address as a hint to contents. This will be a lot cheaper than a colour run and look more classy than the hideous jazz pattern at present. The size needs only to be enough to harness two or three Sims using a simple single pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive dot. This size will also be big enough to show concise instructions and info. The single dot of pshm will also be cheaper and very much easier to remove the sim as well as cleaner environmentally.
How about that Woody.
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by: holier_than_thou
on: 09/11/2018 | 21:01
But if someone has ordered a sim wouldn't they be expecting it, so why would it be confused with junk mail?

Well it didn't confuse me, i opened it and then activated the sim. Simples Smiley Wink
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by: k89bpa
on: 09/11/2018 | 21:02
Honestly, they both look like spam mail to me.

Do as others do, plain envelope with a logo in the top left of the thing and the address details. I don't know about others but I barely glance at mail which isn't in a plain envelope with my name and address on it.
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by: shabazmoqsud
on: 09/11/2018 | 21:05

@prescilla_g honestly i like the current design 

looking at the preview of the new design its simple and sleek alot more professional 


Looking forward to when the new design gets finalised and implemented.

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