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JD's sig banner gallery and request form

Started by: jammydodge
On: 29/09/2015 | 21:41
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by: jammydodge
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:41 edited: 23/07/2016 | 15:24



Just finished updating my page for you to see examples of my previous design works. Hope you like them.


If you need a banner made by me please just fill in this form I made below: I will then PM you to confirm the details you want on your banner (Forms don't currently show on the community unless you are an ed so please just click this link) If you have any problems just @jammydodge me below in a comment or PM me here.




List of active requests and their expected completion date



My own Banner made in Photoshop



@jokeyboi77 's banner made in Photoshop



Others I made for myself 






Banners I made for @bluemoonbaz





@gindygoo Banners I have made for here (the first one is not done in Photoshop)



A lovely new Photoshop created banner for gindygoo




New edited version for gindygoo, with lovely subtle blinking kitten's eyes





@janesimmo edit version of my previous attempt on bannersnack now updated in Photoshop




 @scrappydez requested me to make an edited version of mine which I did. The main green is a variant on the 'Yoda' Green.




A completely new design for @lynda1962 who is Welsh and wanted a Welsh theme so I went all out on that with my pal Photoshop.


Free SIM with Free £5 Credit. Posted First Class Today, Yay!


Here is one made for the awesome member @wilpatgala Plain and simple!


wilpatgala full site.png




@angelsweety4life 's Princess Themed banner. (Too much pink for my liking though Smiley Very Happy)


angelsweety4life full.png


Many more to follow as the request come in....


giffgaff Ad Banners from around the web:






image.png image.png







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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:43
Brilliant work and may just take up your kind offer
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by: jammydodge
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:46 edited: 29/09/2015 | 21:48

Thank you @bluemoonbaz
Feel free to ask if you need anything else.

Oh and also please send me any ads you come across which I don't have so I can add them to this thread.



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by: redisblue
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:48
Thanks mate !!! Smiley Happy
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by: jammydodge
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:50
No Problem @redisblue
Any time
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by: redisblue
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:52
Il hold you to that soon Smiley Wink
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by: jammydodge
on: 29/09/2015 | 21:53
Hahaha I better watch out!! @redisblue
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by: o_rabbit_o
on: 29/09/2015 | 22:14
They look really good nice one 👍
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