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June 2016 : payback calculations delay UPDATED . 20th

Started by: bluemoonbaz
On: 05/07/2016 | 17:43
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 05/07/2016 | 17:43 edited: 20/07/2016 | 15:59

June payback calculations delay heads up from

@alex_w handy giff-staffer

Quick one from me. As normal with the first month of a new Payback period, Payback calculations for June 2016 will be delayed while we finalise the December '15 through May '16 payments (we have PayPal re-tries for failed payments on the 13th) and then rollover unclaimed points. Points results for June 2016 are therefore not likely to be available until the week starting the 18th, however we'll work hard to try and get them to you sooner.

From July we should be back on the normal schedule. Thanks for your patience, everyone.

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by: p7dwy
on: 05/07/2016 | 17:59 edited: 05/07/2016 | 18:00

Thank you @bluemoonbaz for letting us know.


I will have the link ready to answer all of the questions like ' where is my payback'

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by: brulaw
on: 05/07/2016 | 18:18 edited: 05/07/2016 | 18:19



Nice one ... Another of your very effective   " preemptive strikes "  ...   Smiley Wink  Smiley Happy   thumbup.gif

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by: wilpatgala
on: 05/07/2016 | 18:56

It's not really a problem is it? @bluemoonbaz not as if we are in a hurry, no money changes hands at present.


We can all be patient bearing in mind we have something to look forward to.

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by: gsklb04
on: 05/07/2016 | 19:01



Thanks for for telling the worried members nice one. 


I also think your post should be a sticky at the top of each page until it's updated.
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 05/07/2016 | 19:01
Exactly @wilpatgala but that won't stop the where the payback points where's my update posts so this may allay those members who do get a little concerned when it's not updated on the 5th
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by: mcilwraith
on: 05/07/2016 | 19:20

aye it needs put everywhere Smiley Happy there`s been plenty enquiries today on help

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by: claw
on: 05/07/2016 | 23:58

Thanks for sharing! Smiley Happy 



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by: ungourin
on: 06/07/2016 | 06:29
thats cool to know , thank you for the heads up
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by: cass905
on: 06/07/2016 | 10:33
Thank you for sharing its always nice to know
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