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KB articles updates (05/09/2018)

Started by: as7861
On: 05/09/2018 | 15:27
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by: as7861
on: 05/09/2018 | 15:27 edited: 06/09/2018 | 11:43

Hi fellow giffgaffers,


I felt that it is the right time to update you on what fellow Knowledge Base editors (KBers) have been up to lately:


  • Starting off with the biggest change that you all have probably noticed: the New KB landing page. What do you think?  If you have some time, come here and share your thoughts. 
  • New articles?Yes!  @essie112mm  has come up with the idea of creating an article on how to cancel an account of someone that has passed away.  The KBers banded together to create this article. FYI, there's a new email giffgaff will use for these situations.
  • The other new article is about requesting a copy of your personal data. To raise a SAR there is no need to pay £10 anymore. Moreover, for the usage records, a member can just raise a normal case. Find out more in this article: Requesting a copy of your personal data.
  • Old articles? Yes! We found some outdated articles which we decided to archive. Basically, if you find one, there will be a note explaining that (here is an example). If you wonder what they were about: old phone settings and articles about the old community platform. 
  • As for updates, July came with some new goodybags (£20 and + a new £25 Always On). Also, the gigabags were retired. Therefore, all the relevant articles have been updated to reflect the changes.  
  • The fun did not stop there for us, the KBers. We banded together to update the articles with the new early repurchase limit. As you already know, a member can start a goodybag earlier if they have less than 100 texts, minutes or data (Except for the Always On goodybag, when they can start after using the first 20GB).
  • Let's put a bump into the road to slow us down: the articles about Selling your phone have been updated to advise of the program being on hold for the moment. 
  • Speeding it up again, the change my number article now reflects the new update limit. A member can change their number 2 times from their dashboard.
  • Phew, what a journey to finish it off. There have been various other updates including updating links and minor edits but that's already a regular thing.


Oh saving the best till last a special shout out for all of the members involved in the KB lately (I would exceed the mentions limit if I did, you all know I would if I could). 

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by: ray2
on: 06/09/2018 | 08:30

Nice one @as7861 and all the KB editors for all your hard work,it's not an easy task to update and change articles whilst archiving the old.


Well Done !.jpg



picture courtesy of lets get personal.

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by: endorphin
on: 06/09/2018 | 10:41

Nice work @as7861 and the rest of the KB editors!


It's a bit of a painting the Forth bridge job (what was) keeping the KB up to date but it looks like you're all doing a great job of it!


From an Ex KB editor. Smiley Happy

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