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Language challenge: "Auto top up" and "top up voucher"

Started by: prescilla_g
On: 25/09/2018 | 14:17
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by: prescilla_g
community giff-staffer

on: 25/09/2018 | 14:17 edited: 25/09/2018 | 15:56

Hi folks,


A bunch of the team here took part in a little language session based off a large amount of feedback from the community around how we use the terms "auto top up" and "top up voucher". 


Our members had told us that they find these two terms very confusing, so we decided to do a quick brainstorm of what other words we could use, to make it easier for our members to understand what these two terms mean.


We took suggestions from everyone in the room about what we think the two terms could be, however, we'd love to hear what you, our members think Smiley Happy


The results are helpfully displayed in an image and written up below:



Auto top up
Auto top up (keeping it the same) 
Continuous credit
Auto credit
Keep yourself covered 
Add credit auto


Top up voucher
Redeem voucher

Credit voucher
giffgaff voucher
Top up voucher
Credit code
Credit re-charge
Redeem voucher code
Enter voucher code
Never ending credit


Our Content, UX and Community teams with our thinking caps on:




The floor is yours, lovely members. Is there a better way to describe "Auto top up" and "Top up voucher"? Do you prefer any of our suggestions or have one of your own? Let us know below and we'll take your feedback to our Content team very soon Smiley Happy




Research and insights lady

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by: davidevans0000
on: 25/09/2018 | 16:14
@prescilla_g auto top-up. top- up voucher works for me.
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by: 4128334
on: 25/09/2018 | 16:23
Good Afternoon,
The existing ones are fine for me.
To change will only cause confusion.
If it's not broken don't fix it.

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by: endorphin
on: 25/09/2018 | 16:33 edited: 25/09/2018 | 16:34

I think that "topup voucher" is universally understood and so should not be changed.


In that vein "Auto topup" should be obvious but I have seen that it is confused with recurring goodybags (but not with topup voucher!?). If it does need to change then I would go with "Keep yourself covered" or "Keep (or Stay) topped up".

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by: geu42
on: 25/09/2018 | 17:28
If someone of my age understands the difference between 'auto top up' and 'top up voucher', then the younger generation shouldn't really be getting confused by it.

Personally, i'd keep them as they are because i don't think any of those suggestions would make it any clearer for someone that's already confused by the terminology.
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by: persco
on: 25/09/2018 | 17:34

I didn’t think this was an issue myself. Did you find out the reason some members found both confusing? Only asking because “Auto” in front of autotopup alone is self explanatory or? That’s why am asking if there was context to this. 


Both are fine as they are in my opinion. 

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by: allan1954
on: 25/09/2018 | 17:44
I agree with the other members just leave it as it is.
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by: brulaw
on: 25/09/2018 | 18:13



I'm in the ' leave it as it is ' group , changing it could end up creating more confusion than there is now ,


                      (  is there a figure available for the  percentage of members that find the present wording confusing  ?

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by: isabel1066
on: 25/09/2018 | 18:26
@prescilla_g I think that auto top up and top up voucher is ok.
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by: woodyuk
on: 25/09/2018 | 18:27

Yes the same from me,if it works,leave it alone and in this case those two phrases are about as good as you can get.


Top up voucher is pretty much an industry standard term and has been since the birth of PAYG networks plus I seem to remember it's printed on the top of most vouchers when you buy them (or E Voucher depending on where you buy it) and although I know from a discussion in the KB editors group that giffgaff are trying to get rid of "top up" as a noun in this case it should be left in place.


The same applies to auto top up because again "top up" when used as a verb is an industry wide term and so will be readily and easily understood by members new or old.

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