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Leaving GG as 4G is just terrible - anyone else agree?

Started by: tsfrancis57
On: 18/07/2016 | 12:06
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by: mohammedadries
on: 21/07/2016 | 02:01
Good luck on whatever u do and ok bye
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by: misskaux
on: 21/07/2016 | 03:04
I've seen a lot of complaints about the speeds on gg.
I don't need data, but when I was out I needed to access my Internet for 2 minutes and the 4G was just wow. It was super super fast. My friend is a heavy data user and she has no problems with hers.
No problems with this network. Offers great value. Enjoy your new network 👍
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by: raymundo2657
on: 21/07/2016 | 22:04
Ive been on to agents more times than i can think about data speeds and that my data was running at 256kbts instead of 4g and i have a screenshot of its own admittance from an agent that it was everytime i renewed my goodybag it was 256kbts ..seems better now but if it hapoens again ill be on them again.. ad infiniteum.
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by: niqq
on: 21/07/2016 | 23:17
Yes we pay our money, and make or choices. But the data shouldn't be so poor on the first place, that means people have to stay for at least one month to know how bad it is
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