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Started by: kevinscallan84
On: 06/06/2014 | 16:48
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by: kevinscallan84
on: 06/06/2014 | 16:48
There are no MMS packages available to use on GiffGaff either on its own or as part of a Goodbag. I think it would be a good idea to add this option to GiffGaff to allow its users to send MMS Messages as most people dont like using third party apps like Whatsapp messenger. What does everyone think about this?
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by: cj_9
on: 06/06/2014 | 17:19
I think most people are fine with the 3rd party apps, or atleast I am, since there are loads of data goody bags, it's possible to send photos and videos quite easily since a lot of others on other networks are in similar position so use these apps.
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