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Make top up section of site free to access

Started by: mrbrunch
On: 19/11/2014 | 22:56
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by: mrbrunch
on: 19/11/2014 | 22:56
I think the top up / buy goodybags sections of the site should be made free to access, so when credit is out we can top up without finding another computer or wifi signal.
I buy airtime vouchers, and I know you can put them on over the phone, but then when you go online to buy a goodybag with it, some credit goes and there isn't enough credit left.
You could do this with my old O2 dongle, so it must be possible?
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by: brutusng
on: 19/11/2014 | 22:58
It is a great point and has been posted in ideas which will help us all 😊
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by: shadzyy
on: 19/11/2014 | 23:00
@mrbrunch I do agree with you I think it should be free especially when out of credit or goodybag
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by: sami775
on: 19/11/2014 | 23:01
I thought the top up pages were already free?
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by: bielzabob
on: 19/11/2014 | 23:02

im on goodybag so didnt know this happened! seems only right they should have free access to GG altogether really.

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by: kim_x
on: 19/11/2014 | 23:07
The top up pages are already free to access. It's only the Community section that isn't, though some members with no data or airtime have reported being able to get on it anyway.
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by: mrbrunch
on: 19/11/2014 | 23:27
I have put airtime credit on before , then got on site to buy the goodybag which cost me a few pence... Not much , but I then had to buy lower cost goodybagSmiley Sad
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by: navvy
on: 20/11/2014 | 00:38
The pages, and the community pages, are already free. If you are using the Opera Mini browser then it will not be free because that browser works by using their server to read the free page, then send you a compressed version from the non-free server. Same applies with any browser that uses a similar system, like Google Chrome in economy mode. Also if you have a security app that inspects pages before allowing you to see them.
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by: egglassa
on: 20/11/2014 | 08:00
They are free already
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by: blackfive460
on: 20/11/2014 | 08:36

The top up pages are free unless you are using a browser that takes content through an external source.

The trick to avoid problems if you have an Android 'phone is to always use the stock browser.

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