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Members reaching new heights in Help and Support

Started by: roxy_r
On: 11/08/2017 | 10:19
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by: gsklb04
on: 16/08/2017 | 08:35 edited: 16/08/2017 | 08:37

That's so very nice of you @roxy_r to recognise @mathew40 @sloz @endorphin for all the hard work the contiue to do
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by: asghir14
on: 19/08/2017 | 05:55
Thanks for the update @roxy_r Well done and congrats @mathew40 and @sloz, @endorphin
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by: discoandrew
on: 23/08/2017 | 14:49

Hi there


Congratulations on your efforts.  It's good to see that it hasn't gone unnoticed. Smiley Happy  Happy days.

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by: chand311
on: 27/08/2017 | 21:56 edited: 27/08/2017 | 21:57

Thanks @roxy_r for about an excellent achievement by gaffers  @mathew40 , @endorphin and @sloz


Big big congratulations! 


Great piece of job done by these lads! 

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by: roxy_r
community giff-staffer

on: 30/08/2017 | 11:23
It is amazing indeed and we will try to stay more on top of this type of things and share them with you all. At the same time, feel free to nudge me if you see anything worth recognising in Help and Support. I would be more than happy to make a fuss Smiley Happy
community manager in the Help&Support area
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by: karenyates
on: 14/09/2017 | 09:41

Great achievement,many Congratulations👏👏

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by: marky381
on: 14/09/2017 | 20:00

@roxy_r yes thsts a great achievement by these dedicated members it's not easy is it good that we have them on here they should be awarded for there ac

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by: gsklb04
on: 14/09/2017 | 20:07



Wow no matter how long gg keeps going I will never be able to catch or great members @sloz

@mathew40 @endorphin They are a shining example to us all well done to you all.
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 16/09/2017 | 18:23
Great post roxy👏and congratulations to sloz,Mathew and endorphin
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by: morbihan1
on: 16/09/2017 | 22:07

Congrats to sloz, Mathew and endorphin ❗


What on earth do you have to do to become a VIP on here though?? 

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