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Started by: marymillar
On: 05/04/2010 | 16:27
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by: marymillar
on: 05/04/2010 | 16:27

I've been giffgaffed for a couple of weeks now and have been pleased with the service, as well as how easy it was to activate the SIM and keep my own number.  So, pleased that, looking round for mobile broadband, I've been wondering if there are any plans for, say, giffband.  Is anyone else interested in giffgaff launching its own mobile broadband?



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by: geekonthepc
on: 05/04/2010 | 19:48

I've suggested it as an idea here. I was thinking about it yesterday.

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by: compuphonic
on: 06/04/2010 | 16:05

Yep I'm also on the lookout, ideally for a PAYG sim only mobile broadband.



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