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Momail PUSH email

Started by: peterbgood
On: 03/04/2010 | 13:00
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by: peterbgood
on: 03/04/2010 | 13:00

I have been using this free  service  since 2008 and its great you can have your hotmail and other webmail along with your private mail pushed  to any handset it works with GG as with all net works


let me know

Peter B GOOD
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by: bennystan
on: 06/04/2010 | 19:31
It could be a nice thing to use, but generally the giffgaffers want to use the internet not only for email but also to navigate and read news, do shopping, play the lottery etc. I tried it but it kinda disappointed me when it started to give me login errors. When i tried to reset the password i never received any new or old password in order to access the service. Nice try though. Keep suggesting other services. We may find the best thing together. Thanks.
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by: trick202
on: 06/04/2010 | 19:33

emoze isn't bad. I used that for a while.


If you have a symbian device, profimail has some good features, but isn't free Smiley Sad

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by: mirfan
on: 09/04/2010 | 14:18

Google Mail pushes email to android handsets by default.


But I'll take a look at using this for my & pop3 accounts.


Thanks for the link.

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