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New option to pick and mix goodybag options

Started by: smoo87
On: 07/08/2016 | 21:26
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by: smoo87
on: 07/08/2016 | 22:52 edited: 07/08/2016 | 22:54

I don't think it's a case of fixing what's broken but they ask for ideas for improvement. Things can't progress without change even if you think what you've currently got is the best you don't know what's round the corner. I don't think you misunderstood my post as you asked a question on pricing to which I answered @4128334


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by: smoo87
on: 07/08/2016 | 22:53
True @mcilwraith but not everyone can always get on here such as myself to earn that payback
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by: harrrrrry
on: 07/08/2016 | 23:17



how would you price each individual bag, when you think of the huge number of possible combinations.


The number of permutations is not relevant, only the number of choices for data, the number of choices for texts and the number of choices for data. Price each one, and then add them together.


That has been done in a very simple and easily understood manner by Tello at


Not only is it simpler than having to compare individual goodybags and then make a compromise, but you also get pretty much the exact combination that you want, whether that be voice, texts or data.





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by: bantonm
on: 08/08/2016 | 01:28

The gigabags are rubbish. They should also be allowed as addons. 

If £20 buys what it buys, how much for just the data ?

To shoot down this idea of making the goodybags more diverse, is utterly stupid.

To claim it isn't broken is to state that no one can have a problem with it, yet here we are.

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by: navvy
on: 08/08/2016 | 09:45
I thought giffgaff was supposed to be getting away from contracts where you choose just a little more than the minutes you normally use, and get charged a fortune if something unexpected happens and you need to use more minutes.

Goodybags have far more minutes than I normally need, but it's handy to have them as a cushion. Same with unlimited texts, and I normally buy 2GB when I'm only likely to use about 1GB.

If we only paid for what we used, the pricing would be much higher. Ultimately it's PAYG.
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