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Started by: tamatim
On: 16/10/2010 | 22:27
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by: tamatim
on: 16/10/2010 | 22:27

Hi I was just wondering if people on o2 unlimited can text/call people on giffgaff for free? [since they are both running on the same network]


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by: gawright
on: 16/10/2010 | 22:28
No. they're run as separate networks

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by: kevvy57
on: 16/10/2010 | 22:28
no it dont work between o2 and giffgaff

only giffgaff to giffgaff will be free
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by: mondeoman1970
on: 16/10/2010 | 22:28

No they cant, they are both owned by O2 but are two diffent companys

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by: alexb38
on: 16/10/2010 | 22:29

You'll have to contact O2 about their pricing plans. It will most likely be unlimited texts/calls to other O2 numbers. Although giffgaff runs on the O2 network, they have separate databases, accounts etc., so our numbers are not on O2, but giffgaff - which is why you don't get free giffgaff - o2 calls.



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by: teajayy
on: 16/10/2010 | 23:22

Only thing you can do between the two is use an O2 voucher to top up a Giffgaff phone.

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by: piplisa
on: 17/10/2010 | 10:41

two different companys.

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by: didi
on: 17/10/2010 | 14:48

No because even though Giffgaff runs on O2, they are classed as two different networks.

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