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Started by: christian_b
On: 11/06/2014 | 09:21
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by: christian_b
former giff-staffer

on: 11/06/2014 | 09:21

Hey all,


We would love to get feedback on a particular section of the site, the SIM order page. As this is the mobile network run by you, we would really love to get your thoughts. Here is how the page looks at the moment:




If you have a spare moment, please could you answer these 4 very easy questions:



Thanks giffgaffers

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by: hcovell
on: 11/06/2014 | 09:52
done Smiley Happy
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by: nerakb
on: 11/06/2014 | 10:04

Done.Will the findings be published?

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by: steverjames
former giff-staffer

on: 11/06/2014 | 10:44

Yes absolutely. We plan to review all the comments and take a balanced view with what our own analytics tells us. Will come back to this thread and let you know what we learnt, and if any action will be taken. Typically, an action on a page like this would be an A/B test, to make sure our idea plays out the way we think it will. Thanks for filling the form and please feel free to post replies into the thread too.... its all good.

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by: danthescan
on: 11/06/2014 | 19:36


Visiting the UK and need a giffgaff sim sent to you before you arrive ?

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by: jaymailsays
on: 12/06/2014 | 05:13
Generally the Form above will be the very first point of contact for a potential newbie. It's a little cold and style free. Not like the real giffgaff at all. Bit more Jazz please
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by: zaynab96
on: 12/06/2014 | 11:18
love the page above maybe a bit of colour would be nice.
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by: bkbhartimody
on: 12/06/2014 | 16:19

I am done

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