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Payback Eligibility?

Started by: nominate
On: 04/12/2017 | 09:56
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by: zahra_javid
on: 08/01/2018 | 10:13

alex_w wrote:

woodyuk wrote:

I suspect the payback refered to in Alex's post will be for contributing to these forum sections which are solely money related and nothing to do with the mobile network:-

Bingo. At a very minimum, members who have joined us specifically for Money may have used those forums and therefore may have earned Basic Community Payback. It's also possible that @juan_p has awarded extra Payback points to members for their participation in Money projects or competitions.


The T&C's have not yet been changed, however last I had heard we had agreed internally that the Active SIM requirement in section 7.5 was no longer appropriate and the legal team were looking at what changes would be required to the T&Cs. I'll double check to make certain on whether or not it is to be enforced this time around just to make certain, and update here once I have that confirmed.


Also worth noting here that the Money site has evolved over time, and will continue to evolve into the future, and as such it is important to keep in mind that what is currently available in the way of using the Money site isn't necessarily what will be available in 3, 6, 12 or more months time.



Personally i think this a bad move because its unfair that members that post in all sections need an active sim to get payback both for members that only post in money section they dont need active sim.


Its bad having one rule for some and another for others.  I say stick to everyone needing an active sim to earn payback or allow all members to earn payback without an active sim whether they post in the money section or not.

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by: frpc
on: 08/01/2018 | 12:15
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gordie10 wrote:

nominate wrote:

gordie10 wrote:

This is nothing new - I've not been using giffgaff as my primary mobile service provider for nearly 2 years now. I last paid them £10 in top-up credit in February 2016. Since then, I've spent £5 of it as a one-off text donation to charity, and only 5p every 6 months in a pointless text to my mum to keep my giffgaff SIM card active and keep me eligible for payback (although it seems I may not even need to do that now, if I just "use" giffgaff money). I have £4.62 in credit left. At the rate of 5p of that spent every 6 months, I could keep doing this for life without giving giffgaff any more of my money (okay - maybe only until I'm 83 … yes - I really did just work that out - Smiley LOL). All within the Ts&Cs.

To be pedantic couldn't you make a free phone call to an 0800 number instead of sending a pointless text and then your remaining credit would last you ad infinitum? Smiley Wink

Probably, yeah, and I know you were joking (so feel free to accuse me of a sense-of-humour bypass), but in a thread where the interpretation of the Ts&Cs is being discussed, I'd rather not risk many pounds of potential payback for the sake of 5p every 6 months, should giffgaff deem a single free call to be insufficient usage of my giffgaff SIM card to qualify for payback. I'd rather do something chargeable instead, seeing as my credit will last until I'm 83 anyway. Smiley Happy

 @gordie10 As 83 was a recurring theme, did you know that had Elvis Presley lived, he would have been 83 years old today. I guarantee he never made use of the giffgaff service. Its interesting that you point out that you can keep a giffgaff sim alive for the price of a 5p text every 6 months i.e. 10p pa. I do seem to remember reading that T&C were quietly changed to exclude incoming calls as a means of keeping giffgaff sims active yet 0800 numbers never really get a mention in T&C confirming their eligibility or otherwise?


Yet Interestingly neither is the word 'chargeable' used in that context either.


Presumably receiving as little as £1 payback keeps a sim active for 6months too.


All in all, it doesn't seem that onerous to keep a giffgaff sim going ad infinitum.

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