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Payback Infographic Suggestions

Started by: christian_b
On: 23/05/2014 | 08:46
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by: gordie10
on: 26/05/2014 | 15:22

@theexplorer wrote:
Using members actuallys on doing helping to people getting it / people's getting no phone in use

Your post makes no sense. Smiley Frustrated

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by: kimchi
on: 26/05/2014 | 20:49
Something like the average percentage of payback each member recieves or the amount of payback that gets donated to charity. .

On the top earners category, however, I think it'd be best to ask the members before posting the info. They may not want everyone to know.
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by: zoeawesome
on: 26/05/2014 | 22:46

looking forward to seeing the infographics! having a think for stats but lots has been covered before ive got the chance to post! I think something about the JustGiving page? so members which took cash but still donated part of that if possible, the devide between payback from SIMs and payback from the community, and a comparison to those stats (also maybe amount gg had given out, the members and also charities) over the years? 

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by: christian_b
former giff-staffer

on: 27/05/2014 | 14:39

Hi all,


Fantastic suggestions. I have passed all of them on and we will pick a few to include in the infographic.


If you'd like to continue the discussion around Payback, you may head to the following thread I just posted about sharing your Payback experiences:



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by: cps15966
on: 28/05/2014 | 00:16
Fastest movers for example the people earning most payback in comparison to how long they have been on gg
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by: stacey55
on: 28/05/2014 | 14:43

Interestin Idea..I would like to see the Infograph
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