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Payback Points

Started by: stevegold6
On: 29/07/2010 | 07:07
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by: stevegold6
on: 29/07/2010 | 07:07

Hi, I have introduced a new user to Giff Gaff and have received an email telling me that I have earned 500 Points, this was on the 22/7/10.

How long does it take to appear on my account ?




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by: jevison
on: 29/07/2010 | 07:29 edited: 29/07/2010 | 07:32

Hi Steve,


Giffgaff calculates and gives out payback statements in the first week of each month. Your monthly payback points will be displayed within the 'My Giffgaff' summary page, and you can see into further detail of the payback statement by selecting 'My Payback' link on the very same page.


You will also receive an email from Giffgaff, confirming the amount of payback points you have earned within the last month shortly after being displayed on the website.


Hope this answers your question! Smiley Happy

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by: soldiers33
on: 29/07/2010 | 08:27
The points are already in ur account. Unfortunatly giffgaff only tell you how much points you earned on the 1st week of the next month. So for July you will get a points statement on the 6th or 7th of August
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by: zanityman
on: 29/07/2010 | 09:19

also, by 'appear in your account' you might mean 'turned into credit on my account so i can spend it'...


Every 6 months you can claim your points as cash (via paypal) or as credit (straight to your giffgaff sim).


You'll be emailled before then and there'll be notices on the website telling you what you need to do, when.


As the others have said, your points get totted up every month, on the 5th of each month. You can then claim these in November and July (I think!)

Cheers - ZM

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by: essatm93
on: 29/07/2010 | 13:12

doesnt the little payback section on my giffagff update when the month changes?

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by: commsyeo
on: 29/07/2010 | 13:21

essatm93 wrote:

doesnt the little payback section on my giffagff update when the month changes?

It updated at the same time as I got the email - on the 5th July.



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by: stevegold6
on: 30/07/2010 | 23:11

Thanks to all that replied.




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by: jimandrews
on: 31/07/2010 | 08:40

Just a point of interest:


When you get your Payback, I would advise you have it paid to Paypal and then top-up your account from there.....assuming you can withdraw the money as I can. By doing that you can top-up in increments that suit your usage and avoid the possibility that you have topped up SO much (if you have your Payback directed to your credit on your mobile) that your credit lasts more than three months thereby losing your free GG to GG calls and texts.


Just a thought.

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by: kambing
on: 01/08/2010 | 22:08

That's a good point Jim; I'd been planning to convert my points to credit in November/December, but I'm pretty certain that it would last me over 3 months so I think I'll take it in cash as you said.



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by: kambing
on: 01/08/2010 | 22:14

Oh wait. We can't top up by Paypal can we? Not having a credit card, that might make your idea difficult for me for the moment. I guess I'll just have to wait till I get a student bank account, with a debit card.

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