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Payback - Share your stories

Started by: christian_b
On: 27/05/2014 | 14:37
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by: kezal70
on: 08/11/2015 | 14:57
My wife gets to spend what I earn in payback because when she's happy then I'm happy Smiley Happy
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by: debitd
on: 09/11/2015 | 00:02
My last payment for payback was via another account and I used it for therapy! Retail Therapy! Baby, C'mon!!!!!

I had my pay back paid into my PayPal account and treated myself and my son to a few gifts. I went on mission and the objective was to shop, shop,shop
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by: debitd
on: 09/11/2015 | 00:03 edited: 09/11/2015 | 00:07

And so I did, did, did!!!

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by: debitd
on: 09/11/2015 | 00:10
Ooops late again I see, Thornton!
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by: davidgbartlett
on: 09/11/2015 | 12:06
I think my first payback was £1! My Dec this year will be my highest (not that high - probably in the 80s) and I am hoping to spend it on a new mountain bike light Smiley Happy
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by: tadspole
on: 09/11/2015 | 15:10
I cash out via paypall this momth £36. GG does not hav charity Poppy Appeal or the Earl Haig Fund. Ex squaddie 22 years. I hav respect of my fallen comrades and loat ones. Once gg gove me the money, i then giv it to the poppy appeal in northern ireland. So i dont get a penny. I just answer questions or put questions on the gg page and the ex or serving soliders get my benifits.
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by: tadspole
on: 09/11/2015 | 15:11
Loat shud read lost.
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