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Started by: joiner_tom
On: 15/09/2015 | 19:20
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by: joiner_tom
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:20
Who thinks we should be able to withdraw paback when we want? Instead of twice a year?
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by: gsklb04
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:22
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by: jammydodge
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:23 edited: 15/09/2015 | 19:24

Hi @joiner_tom

Yes good idea however that would create a lot more work for giffgaff and that would raise prices and probably reduce the payback budget.


Would love that but sadly not viable for giffgaff.

Hope that helps
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by: matt1111
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:24
This kind of post needs to be placed in off topic as it's not asking for help.

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by: mike1ceman
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:25
No stupid idea more for giffgaff to do means other stuff won't get done

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by: joiner_tom
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:26
Jammydodge that is true and a good point tbh. It was a thought me n the Mrs had lol thanks to al for response
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by: pamfletch
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:31

@joiner_tom Hi, I should think that would put more work on giffgaff and therefore raise prices etc, you really wouldn't wish that on us, would you?Smiley Tongue

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by: sydneysingh
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:38
I think 3 times a year is reasonable
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by: denizdy87
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:46
three times a year would be nice. 😃
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by: joiner_tom
on: 15/09/2015 | 19:53
Yea 3 times a year would be better 👍
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