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Phone delivery options are ridiculous

Started by: doctorreg
On: 06/07/2018 | 08:25
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by: giffgaff20147
on: 06/07/2018 | 17:59


Hello to prevent fraud phone can only be delivered to person who ordered it and the address must be same as your bank/ card ,


its s a lot of money to risk the phone falling into wrong hands 


makes sense really but I think it’s time weekend deliverys were allowed 

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by: doctorreg
on: 06/07/2018 | 18:23

Actually this phone was a Nokia 3 - a pretty cheap phone, but I get the point.


If they used a different courier, like Royal Mail then at least there would be nearby post offices where it could be picked up from conveniently.  Maybe this would be more expensive but I'd be happy to pay a bit extra to avoid having to take a day off work.

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by: otbc11
on: 07/07/2018 | 09:39
Delivery to your home address is purely for security purposes but I have long argued a collect service such as Argos could be used. Proof of identity in this case would still be required.
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by: weelesleymc
on: 09/07/2018 | 21:10

click and collect would be great

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by: lgl20
on: 10/07/2018 | 15:53

I must agree, considering most people are working these times its far from ideal

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by: tradertall
on: 10/07/2018 | 16:57
very very true
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