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Please Keep Giffgaff labs!!!

Started by: theresonlyoneash
On: 22/10/2010 | 13:07
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 25/10/2010 | 12:10
Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. It is always nice to read what you think of the ideas we try and implement.

We will of course be looking at and analysing the sales of the £5 labs 1p, 2p goodybag. How many people bought it and how many people bought it a second time.

As well as that we have learned quite a bit from the people who have found it hard to understand. So should we ever implement this permanently we do need to look at it again.

But aside from that we want to try out some other ideas we have as well. Compare which ones worked the best and then either let them make a comeback for another short period of time or implement them permanently.

But as there are a few ideas we would like to test out, we have to see how well they all work.


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