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Started by: frenchielove
On: 04/09/2018 | 11:16
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by: frenchielove
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:16

Having major problems this morning, what is this???



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by: cass905
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:21

Im logged in and everytime i refresh page or try to post im getting this 




i hit cancel and can then post 

but then if you look at this pic there are letters all over place 




its doing this a cross whole site 

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by: williamwalker
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:21

Good morning everyone.

Could anyone answer what this is and are you getting the same.Screenshot_20180904-111655.png



I'm already logged into community and my giffgaff, can't open any thread or answer any questions or post.

I didn't want to enter name and password as already logged in 

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by: williamwalker
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:24

Hi @cass905

I'm getting the same just started a thread the same as yours, it's really weird I'm logged in already.

Incidentally I was able to make this post and answer your thread without it popping up.👍

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by: cass905
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:28













Im getting all this too I've circled all the weird stuff 

its still happening on every post i make 

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by: cass905
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:35

Ive got it too plus much more i have a thread open in contribute looks like it's not just me and you 

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by: cass905
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:38

@frenchielove I've put it in here you should too


by the way everyone its occurring in my emails too now when i flick from here to mail its popping up with me to sign into giffgaff im using mobile 

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by: nefarius
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:51

49 messages! No, never had that! @cass905 Smiley Very Happy

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by: williamwalker
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:54

Hi @cass905 @nefarius

Don't know if you've tried but just used laptop full site and it's all OK 

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by: cass905
on: 04/09/2018 | 11:55 edited: 04/09/2018 | 11:56

Smiley Wink Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL

@nefarius what can I say im a popular girl Smiley Tongue

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