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Q & A thread every month ?

Started by: diva56
On: 09/01/2018 | 15:43
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by: diva56
on: 09/01/2018 | 15:43

Hi everyone

I wondered if we could have a giffgaff member of staff host a Q&A thread every month ? 

With one month being giffgaff related and maybe the next being any subject? 


I haven't worded it well sorry I'm not used to proposing things!! 


What does everyone think?  




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by: techiebloke
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:10



Nice idea but with the UK mobile market being as competitive as it is I don't think you'd get much out of them as to discuss upcoming changes to pricing or product would be commercially senstive and even on sites that cover the industry such as mobile news and mobile europe such stories only tend to appear a couple of days before the product becomes available or the change goes 'live' so that competitors time to get ahead is minimised.


What other kind of subjects would you like to ask them about?







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by: blackfive460
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:16



A giffgaff related Q&A thread is unlikely to be a success if you expect giffgaff staff to be available but a Q&A thread on other subjects of interest could work but first of all you'd need to find members with expertise in a particular field who would be willing to do the answering.

For the person organising this, it could be a lot of work so, as you've suggested it, are you willing?


Why not start a thread in GD asking for people to offer their expertise and take it from there?

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by: diva56
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:20
I thought more lighthearted topics @techiebloke not upcoming pricing changes etc
Not sure what I'd like to ask them nothing sensitive of course ☺

Just a way for gg staff to interact with us in a chatty way 😀

Only a thought thanks for replying
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by: diva56
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:24
Thank you @blackfive460 I'm willing to do anything within reason to make it a good thread

I haven't really created any threads and tbh this was just an idea I had
So I put it here ☺
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by: techiebloke
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:24



I'm not criticising the idea at all, what I'm saying is, a lot of what people would be interested in knowing they wouldn't answer.


Would be interesting to know if the gg Directors had away days and what they did on the away days though wouldn't it?

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Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind
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by: diva56
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:27
I wouldn't mind if you were criticizing it @techiebloke
Unless we put ideas out here we don't know what people think do we
And yes it would depend on the level of interaction in the thread

Yes I'd love to know that too 😀
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by: ip633
on: 09/01/2018 | 16:38 edited: 09/01/2018 | 16:43

We did used to have Live Chats for specific events, such as when a new flagship smartphone was being launched. A quick search on google found this event from 2014:


They're quite good because you can post questions in the thread beforehand, just in case you're not available during the live chat itself. But I doubt that giffgaff would want to commit to making it a regular event though, and certainly not on a monthly basis, just in case there's nothing newsworthy happening at the time.

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by: diva56
on: 09/01/2018 | 17:05
I was thinking of more of a social thing @ip633
Thank you for your reply ☺
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by: natty_noo
on: 09/01/2018 | 19:49
Going by GD at this precise time, i'd say there were more than enough 'lighthearted' 'chatty' type threads on there.

Long running ones at that.
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