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RE: goodybag and gigabag pirchases between monthly topups

Started by: krayzt
On: 15/07/2016 | 12:31
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by: weelesleymc
on: 21/07/2016 | 20:45
Add ons
Ive just read another thread on the same subject.and they have been mentioned lots of times in labs
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by: mcilwraith
on: 21/07/2016 | 21:14
It has could be x amount of data just to last as long as the existing goodybag
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by: krayzt
on: 22/07/2016 | 14:18
Its not difficult to do, technicality wise... its something that would very much make giffgaff's new and less full goodybags seem less of an insult to those giffgaffers, like me, who have seen our monthly goodybags get smaller and smaller constantly as they as a company have grown more and more!!
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by: krayzt
on: 22/07/2016 | 14:25
I used to buy the 7.50 goodybag and it was plenty. Then they reduced the useages and put up the prices and i had to get the 10 goodybags, then they reduced the useages and merged the 3g into the 4g goodybags and now anything below the 15 one probably wont last for data... i would rather they still offered multiple choices instead of having merged the 3 and 4g packs...i dont get decent enough 4g coverage in MK to really be worth it.
What is more, if they offered the ability to either boost your useage with addon style packs OR the ability to pick from a choice of more than 1 for each cost, then people like me who barely make calls could get a goodybag which worked for us like they used to!!!
It is almost as if GiffGaff has forgotten that customers like me were on GiffGaff and spreading the word long before they started to advertise on TV or through sponserships!
Forgetting those people is the biggest nistake a company can make!!
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by: navvy
on: 22/07/2016 | 14:51

One problem is that the add-ons would need to be cheaper than buying a new complete goodybag.  Especially if they may only last for a couple of days before the original expiry date.  The transaction costs make this impractical, though maybe cheaper add-ons could be bought only from existing credit?  This gets more complicated if the recurring instruction needs to be cancelled to allow use of airtime credit for a transaction.


PAYG on airtime credit seems the simplest way to do an add-on, where it costs nothing if you don't use it all.  No wastage, and the left-over credit remains available to use if you run out the following month too.


The problem is that the current PAYG rates are far too high when you still have an unexpired goodybag.  

2p/MB (=£20/GB) is a bit too high, but 15p/minute (=£20 for 133 minutes) is far too high.


When you have a goodybag plan that is unexpired, it would be better if we could match the Three PAYG 3-2-1 pricing.


@krayzt  I believe the £12 reduction from 3GB to 2GB is the only time that allowances have been reduced, other than the obvious cases of the removal of unlimited data from various goodybags.  (This did not affect me as I could never buy unlimited data as I need to be able to tether.)


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by: krayzt
on: 23/07/2016 | 00:42
I disagree, and can see that there are a few things you seem to have overlooked that i stated, one very big point you obviously missed is when i said about not really having credit as it is not practocal with giffgaff being online it is easier and less risky for me just to buy the bags straight up.
Also, there is no difference in their transaction costs regardless as these would be incorporated within the cost of a boosterbag.
And depending when in a month it is that you are close to running out of something, would depend firstly whether you really need worry for a few days without whichever one. And if they were incremental amounts that could be purchased as boosters then you could buy whichever anount was best suited to the time they were needed for.
It would be no different than with the incremental system for goodybags, and it would be conpletely obsolete if you could only buy with credit...what if you could only buy goodybags themselves with credit? Everytime you topped up you would need to allow extra credit just to log into your account and buy a goodybag... no, that sounds ridiculous to me, and unneccesary.
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