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Reading text messages online

Started by: wolfik80
On: 08/09/2012 | 15:54
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by: wolfik80
on: 08/09/2012 | 15:54


I've got an idea. It would be a user friendly solution and some kind of innovation for any network.

Let's say I'm a gamer. Online gamer. I run through virtual lands, kill monsters and pick up every item they drop. From time to time I find a great stuff I can sell online (which is absolutely legal). Each time I try to sell something for real money, I need to receive a text message with some special confirmation code. Then I must use this code online. Imagine how many times i have to check my mobile, touch the screen, scroll etc., pure waste of time.

Wouldn't be much easier to read incoming messages online after logging in to giffgaff?

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V = DONE (for a gamer) Smiley Happy


What do you guys think about my idea?




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by: bitbrit
on: 08/09/2012 | 16:02
I think a different use case may be needed in order to put your idea across effectively, as I'm not sure that the example you have used is one that many people can relate to.

I think the problem here lies more in the service sending the text messages requiring you to receive one each time an action is taken, rather than with giffgaff's end.

Also, aren't there existing services that allow you to read/respond to texts via your computer? I know there are a few apps that provide this functionality on Android, at least.
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by: kaseym
on: 08/09/2012 | 23:24
You sorta mean what online banking is doing for your debit card and stuff?

You could always just send the text as an email to yourself?

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