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Run By You .....

Started by: brulaw
On: 23/08/2016 | 21:30
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by: ip633
on: 24/08/2016 | 11:46 edited: 24/08/2016 | 12:23

Of course we've had this sort of discussion before, and it's one that always seems to divide opinion, but not surprisingly it's a marketing slogan that giffgaff are keen to keep. The references that we've seen here to both Help & Support, and the ideas process (that's where I see  the term "inspired" being particularly relevant), shows how difficult it is to find an accurate tagline that does exactly what it says on the tin (as Ronseal confidently claimed).


It's got me thinking about other advertising slogans that we shouldn't take too seriously, and I stumbled across this article, which revealed that Red Bull had been sued for falsely claiming that their product "gives you wings".


You couldn't make it up  Smiley Wink

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by: angelfzpz
on: 24/08/2016 | 12:15
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by: vorb
on: 24/08/2016 | 12:31
Do we need a tag at all? Everything that made giffgaff unique is slowly being eroded anyway.
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by: blackfive460
on: 24/08/2016 | 13:39

weetinamc wrote:


has it ever been run by the members?


Depends what you mean by 'run'.


In the very early days the community played a major part in product development but giffgaff is a very different animal now compared to what it was then.

As I've commented elsewhere, it's fast becoming, if it isn't already, just another network with no easily discernible USP.


Anyway, we've been here before more than once; see from last year and, if you are a bit in the dark about giffgaff's roots, there's some history in that thread that might help you understand where 'run by you' came from.

Whether it's appropriate now is another matter but it's most unlikely to change.


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by: brulaw
on: 24/08/2016 | 15:57



Thanks for the link  , It was good to read through that thread and get a refresher  .....  thumbup.gif


I honestly think that a comment ( post )  I made in that thread is still ( perhaps more so now that other changes have been and are going to be made )  relevant ......


I can see why giffgaff would be reluctant to drop " run by you " , it's a great tag line  ( as long as it's not taken to literally  )  but there are times when it's not really appropriate .....


I think  " inspired by you  "  or even " influenced by you " are in their own way equally as catchy but not as easily misinterpreted  / misunderstood ......  " 

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by: weetinamc
on: 24/08/2016 | 17:19

thank you @blackfive460 i had a read through the other thread.i`m off for a much needed cuppa now

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by: jimfraegala
on: 24/08/2016 | 19:18

Hi @brulaw good question and a good post. 'Run by you' is an oft used term and yes, we do have some input in to the network, of course we do. it has been known, the people in charge do take some of the community's suggestions on board but!!! 


At the end of the day, the the bosses and management run GiffGaff, it is a business after all and they want to make a profit. If it was run any other way it could end up akin to the lunatics running the asylum.



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by: giffgaff439
on: 27/08/2016 | 20:24
yes i agree with you
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