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Single word reply then adding more text later!

Started by: pjr
On: 21/01/2012 | 17:20
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by: pjr
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:20 edited: 21/01/2012 | 17:22

Today I have witnessed two relatively new members typing a one word reply to a query then posting it so that they get the first reply in, and then edited/added more text after other people had replied

In one instance the member has also gained by having their post 'accepted as solution '.

In my opinion this is not on and is clearly an attempt at 'gaming' the system. They are deceiving not only the op but the other members, too. In my eyes they are 'cheats'.

Anyone else notice this and what is the best way to get this stopped?
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by: hg
on: 24/01/2012 | 18:49
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jordansomner wrote:
Well you and autodrive seem to believe the following, so both of you

autodriveuk wrote:

What matters is the accuracy and helpfulness of a reply, not whether it was first or twenty-first

@autodrive was actually quoting me but, OK, I guess it's hard work reading a thread which spans so many pages Smiley Surprised


I have seldom seen people shoot themselves so squarely in the foot as some of the people posting here because they don't like what @pjr or I had posted.


Cheating is cheating whether you call it that or not, so if the cap fits, wear it.  Be offended, by all means, but realise that the thread was started in the first place because someone was offended by it.  Shock news - we are all entitled to an opinion !


Those who think being first matters need to look again at who pays them the payback they so earnestly squabble over.  In case it isn't obvious, giffgaff reviews the forums and weighs the balance of each individual's input.  OPs don't pay payback.  Kudos is nice to look at but it doesn't pay payback.  It's a toy built into Lithium.  The reason placement in the thread doesn't matter is that giffgaff doesn't stop reading a thread at the first few posts !


If a reply works for a poster, he will be happy and he won't much care that someone had a different idea several posts later.  If the original ideas don't work, he'll be back to read some more anyway, so it doesn't matter to OPs either.  It just doesn't matter.


Still, it wouldn't do for us all to be the same, and some people will never admit they might be wrong anyway, so I have nothing further to add.  The interest shown does at least confirm that the subject needing raising Smiley Indifferent






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by: bonusball
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:22

You can report the user.

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by: mgb2
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:24

do a reply so as to catch them in the act then report as usual....

or a quiet word to your favourite educator.... (my preferred route)

or even don't let it bother you it's more trouble than it's worth...

and If giffgaff can't police their boards properly why should we do it for them?

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by: oldyorkie
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:24

yep .. also seen them and it is cheating ... have witnessed one letter or one word then waiting for others to reply and rewording it in their revisited edit.


Report it via the options link against the post concerned. To further strengthen your report copy links into your report which hi-lite multiple examples by the offender.

To Read is To Learn - go on - give it a try Smiley Wink
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by: misterjiff
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:25
A simple edit timer lockout would cure the problem?

Don't say it.......I know......probably not possible with Lithium lol
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by: bonusball
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:26

You could also reply to them or give them a pm with some friendly advice.

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by: pw1987
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:30

There was a phase where people did this a lot, some of the ones that did said they had worked for companies where they gave help on boards and got used to putting a post and then editing so that the "official" reply was the first one people saw and they had gotten into the habit. As said above, report it or just pull them up on it and if they argue then report it, depending on whether you like confrontation or not

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by: mgb2
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:30

bonusball wrote:

You could also reply to them or give them a pm with some friendly advice.

Gotta say I disagree there bball... too much chance for people to get unpleasant... best left to the staff to "educate"...

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by: andy0
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:30


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by: giffgaff_sims
on: 21/01/2012 | 17:34
Report them if it really hurts

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