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THREE to Giffgaff. Going back to THREE

Started by: komib94
On: 12/06/2018 | 15:25
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by: bpg1970
on: 21/06/2018 | 11:50

Signals vary from area to area, O2 must be weak where you are. 

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by: kirc
on: 22/06/2018 | 16:37
Giffgaff isn't the fastest on data, but it has improved a lot and is much better now than it used to be. That said Three is much faster, but you pays yer money and takes yer choice as they say
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by: freedmaniac
on: 22/06/2018 | 17:48



This is your opinion and it is unfortunate that things have not worked out for you.


For very many of us, the service seems just fine and suits our needs.

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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 22/06/2018 | 20:18

Sorry your leaving Giffgaff😞but all the best in your new network
And you never know you just might come back some day👍
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by: kitymn83
on: 23/06/2018 | 07:01

@komib94 sorry to hear you didn't get the experience you hoped for with Giffgaff.

All i can think of is you must have poor O2 signal in your area.

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by: various_mm
on: 23/06/2018 | 15:48

sorry to hear

howevere, giffgaff works for lots of people and there are lots of happy GG customers too! sorry it didnt work out for you

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by: jeremylalou
on: 23/06/2018 | 22:05
Three is great
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by: lilycoleman
on: 24/06/2018 | 02:40

Good luck with three but when u need a lot of data giffgaff is cheaper for that 

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by: glaswegianeric
on: 26/06/2018 | 14:20

I've recently moved one of my numbers from Three to EE. "Never again" to Three, absolutely horrible experience. I carry my giffgaff sim as a backup sim, but I wouldn't be able to rely on it as my main sim, sadly, I second your words there.
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