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The essential giffgaff phonebook

Started by: truemedia
On: 23/10/2010 | 17:26
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by: truemedia
on: 23/10/2010 | 17:26 edited: 23/10/2010 | 17:28


I had an idea how to let new giffgaff customers know about all the numbers they need to top up, check balance, buy goodybags ect and think I know the perfect place to stick all those numbers.


The "My giffgaff" page is already useful for viewing your number, balance, and other personal stuff so adding a new widget called essential numbers, or giffgaff numers with some sort of giffgaff mobile icon with a list of numbers and small description next to them explaining what the number is for would be easy to locate and invaluable to new customers.


Lots of new people always need these numbers so sticking them in a place most relevant to themselves is the most obvious place to do so, and would really make getting setup just that little bit easier. I wanna recommend more people to giffgaff but some people do find it a bit easy to get lost on the initial setup, so maybe this will just make the my giffgaff page seem a nicer place to get quick information.


Agree or any thoughts?


EDIT: this would go great next to "handy links" as "handy numbers"

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by: darrenpainter
on: 23/10/2010 | 17:28
I thought that the topup and balance numbers were already on the sim card as contacts anyway
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by: crazylegs
on: 23/10/2010 | 17:30

They are!


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by: truemedia
on: 23/10/2010 | 17:30

Yeh but I mean for the website for those who are first setting up that since giffgaff is mostly online won't think to look on there phone address book.

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by: callumacrae
on: 23/10/2010 | 17:31
Theres a thread about this already somewhere Smiley Wink

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by: essexmate
on: 23/10/2010 | 20:13 edited: 23/10/2010 | 20:19


@callumacrae wrote:
Theres a thread about this already somewhere Smiley Wink


The giffgaff vCard thread


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