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The gaff. 11-Jan-2013

Started by: stephenmiller
On: 11/01/2013 | 20:23
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by: stephenmiller
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:23 edited: 06/11/2013 | 23:49



Your weekly digest of stuff

11 Jan 2013 / issue 1



New members spotted this week


  • geekcubed has made an amazing entrance onto the community this week (see his thread up above)
  • Marky1124 was given a kudos today for this post he made last year, a great way to appreciate an old post from a novice member.
  • pingublah who made his first brilliant post in Zobia's 'Who are you?' thread - welcome Martin!
  • dlam1979 wants to campaign for full BB services. This wouldn't be off the table if the members really wanted it.
  • Welcome back to the forum, jokeyboi77, Anthony_c cried for days when you left. 



Cat of the day



  • Lithium got back to us on the Mobile Login Issue, and have provided some insight - however we know now that this is not being caused by them, so have raised it to our 3rd party company which deals with the website.
  • Sambit is now investigating what can and can't be free-rated based on a thread that was posted in here last week.
  • Hardeep is on a spelling correction thanks to this thread.

Friday poll


GIGaom have posted on their website that PC sales slumped over the Christmas period due to the overwhelming rise of tablets.


This week we're asking do you use a PC or have you defected to the tablet?


Vote on the community homepage and join the discussion here


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Thanks for reading
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by: diwatty
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:24

Love it Stephem the links arent working 

Silver Approved Helper.
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by: redisblue
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:25

This post was an interesting read Smiley Happy


Thanks Smiley Happy

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by: andreww
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:25

Great to see it's now weekly Smiley Happy

Probably having a beer in the sunshine somewhere.
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by: stephenmiller
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:33

There is work to be done here Smiley Tongue

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by: jburnham96
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:36
hahaha - Cat of the day! That will be popular. Smiley Very Happy
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by: aaronjlaw
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:47
Nice work!
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by: suppers_ready
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:49

Great work Stephen, good read Smiley Happy



PS. Links working on my PlayBook Smiley Wink

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by: mrs_gee
on: 11/01/2013 | 20:51

@stephenmiller wrote:

There is work to be done here Smiley Tongue

Smiley Tongue


Still good thouSmiley Happy

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by: riaz7
handy giff-staffer

on: 11/01/2013 | 20:51

Clean, to the point and a bit of fun. Love it, great work Smiley Happy

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