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The gaff - 11th January 2019

Started by: willp789
On: 11/01/2019 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 11/01/2019 | 18:00


The gaff banner by: brulaw

"I failed my way to success." - Thomas Edison

11th January 2019/Issue #300

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giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

Come and get involved in our Lean UX workshop

giffgaff have set up a week-long workshop at giffgaff HQ it will let giffgaff live up to the promise of ‘run by you’. This great community tie is available to everyone. Want to be involved? It'll be running between 12:00 pm and 2:30 pm on Tuesday 15th. If you’re up for a short phone or video call, just fill out this form. giffgaff will be giving £5 credit to the account of anybody that contributes via a phone call and £10 credit for anybody that participates via video call. Click here for the full information.


December 2018 Payback Calculations

@alex_w has updated the payback calculations post. You can find all the latest news each payback month here. You can see if there have been any spanners or problems plus the points statement send date. Head over here and see.


Your 2018 with giffgaff - email on its way

If you’ve been with giffgaff for at least 3 months, used your SIM throughout 2018, and chosen to get marketing emails from giffgaff, then look out for the personalised email of how your 2018 looked like at giffgaff. Got your email and what to know how it was worked out (or just want a sneak peek?) beware of spoilers Smiley Wink. Head over here to find out more.


RBY: giffgaff grow our own corner 2019

Our member @ijustcantdoit brings us this community participation thread and says with the growth in healthy eating and people not wanting to consume as much or no meat as in the past our green-fingered giffgaffers get the chance to show us all how to grow our own! You can share all your tips and advise with your fellow members, tell us how you grow your flowers and veg right here.

Lab Highlights
by as7861 & ijustcantdoit

New ideas

Button on labs to show ideas that you haven't previously voted on or commented on by @egglassa. The idea states: "When browsing around the labs I can't find a way to get ideas that I haven't previously seen. This would save time trying to find ideas that I haven't seen before."


Would it make life easier for the lab users and speed up voting and adding comments? What are your thoughts on this idea?


Back to labs ideas list button by @claire1uk. The idea states: "On the Help and support live page there is a Back button on the top left-hand side, that takes you back to original list of support needed. Could we not have one on Labs?"


Would this simple change help the members lives easier and allow quicker navigation around our lab's pages? What do you think about this idea?


Labs Progress throughout 2018

  • A new homepage
  • An improved Review process for new ideas
  • Brand New Labs Knowledgebase
  • Developments of Lab Tech tools is underway
  • Creation of new idea status – Future Thinking

Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Please welcome @flojo292 with a big hug over here.



Say hello to @fredpostman right here.

Photo Of The Week
by brulaw



This week's featured photo is Sunset this evening by @pinks29. Some of the comments include: "Absolutely stunning" (padiho), "A lovely photo there I love sunset pics so thanks for sharing it with us" (bobrobinson), "Really breathtaking, thank you" (frenchielove).


Click here to see the original post. Week two of the new year and another tough choice, but I'm sure there'll be plenty more throughout the year. Thank you to all you giffgaffers for these brilliant images.


Sunset this evening.jpg

On This Day In History
by jammydodge


On this day in...


1838, Inventor Samuel Morse first publically demonstrated the electrical telegraph message using a system of dots and dashes. This system dominated long-distance communication for much of the 19th and 20th, playing a crucial military role in the two world wars and in the commercial shipping industry.


1925, Charles Hughes was replaced by Frank Kellogg as US Secretary of State. Kellogg was a key player in creating the Kellogg-Brian Pact, 1928, a multilateral agreement outlawing war as a means of resolving national disputes.


2007, the 7th and last book in the Harry Potter series was finished by J.K Rowling in the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. The series is loved by die-hard fans all over the world and is the best-selling series ever.

Tech Developments
by revilo10

Xiaomi Mi A1


I've been waiting a long time for this day. The day I finally review a Chinese born and bred phone. Around the middle of last year, I extensively reported on the growing market of high-quality phones in mainland China (Far from the original iPhone knock-offs we saw a few years back), specifically from brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Vivo. This week I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a Xiaomi Mi A1 (Thank you to the wonderful person who hooked me up with it!). So, ladies and gentleman, it's time for Tech Developments to return to its roots, and review a phone. Please do note that the A1 is not the latest in the Xiaomi Mi collection, the A2 was recently released and I hope to review that in the future.


On first sight, you could be forgiven for thinking it's an iPhone (Some things never change...), however, a closer look reveals more and more features, and a rugged backing. Drop tests of the phone suggested that even without a case, dropping the phone from ear height will have the phone endure minimal damage on each side, with only a few scratches to show after various drops (But to be honest this is expected of a modern phone, so really nothing too surprising here.). Furthermore, the phone comes with something that has been taking the Android phone industry by storm... a button on the back (I digress...). The button acts as a finger sensor and has some nifty functionality on the phone itself, you can swipe up and down to access your notification bar, something I as a regular iPhone user, have not seen at all.


Onto the camera, the phone comes with a dual-lens camera with 12 megapixels, facial recognition, a selfie timer (Do people still take these?), 4K Video (At 30fps) and 2x optical zoom. It has 4GB of RAM and a standard 64GB storage space. The display is 5.5" or 13.5cm, and the colour options are Black, Gold and Rose Gold. Further specs are available here.


To summarise, I think with the rise of phone companies to challenge the likes of Apple and Google, this older A1 still stands up to the test of time and offers features to counter a phone hundreds of pounds more expensive than it, as you can pick one up from around £190. PLUS: It has a REAL audio jack! Alright, I'm finished here, but hopefully at some point I will be able to review the newer version, the A2, as I'm currently on the hunt for a new phone myself. See you next week!

Thanks for reading


Brought to you by willp789, mitchell98, bluemoonbaz, as7861, ijustcantdoit, kathleen414, brulaw, jammydodge and revilo10.


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by: brulaw
on: 11/01/2019 | 18:01 edited: 11/01/2019 | 18:04

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 the gaff by giffgaffers.png




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by: kathleen414
on: 11/01/2019 | 18:05 edited: 11/01/2019 | 18:07

Hiya everyone 

Hope everyone enjoys this weeks fab edition from the gaff team willp789mitchell98bluemoonbazas7861ijustcantdoitkathleen414brulawjammydodge and revilo10


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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 11/01/2019 | 18:12

Another week has passed so quickly but the bonus is it's Friday and that means it your gaff time.

Thanks to you all for your continued patronage , it's much appreciated by all the gaff team .

We hope you enjoy this week's edition and if you see or want to bring something to our attention for the gaff , just send us a pm .

Have a great weekend everyone 😁small.pngWe're run by you




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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 11/01/2019 | 18:28



Thanks to everyone for another great edition 👏 again loads to read


@pinks29 @ for a lovely photo👍


And it's great that there's more people coming to Giffgaff 🙂


CHEERS everyone and have a great weekend


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by: cloughey
on: 11/01/2019 | 19:01
Another brilliant edition, thanks everyone.
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by: davidevans0000
on: 11/01/2019 | 19:08
cheers for the gaff it's awesome.
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by: giffgaff20147
on: 11/01/2019 | 19:15


Thanks nice edition 


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by: allan1954
on: 11/01/2019 | 19:22
as always a great read.
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by: ray2
on: 11/01/2019 | 19:39

A brilliant catch up willp789mitchell98bluemoonbazas7861ijustcantdoitkathleen414brulawjammydodge and revilo10. thankyou Smiley Happy


Massive welcome to all the new giffgaffers.


@pinks29 stunning photo,you have caught the colours of a beautiful sunset.


It would be nice to see more members posts added to the gaff from contribute and general discussion,those that bring up valid points and have had lots of responses,or a funny post (surely there must be one Smiley Wink)  to lighten up the weekly gaff or maybe a funny story from around the world,or a weird fact about something or someone??


Just running with my thoughts Smiley Tongue

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