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The gaff - 13th July 2018

Started by: willp789
On: 13/07/2018 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 13/07/2018 | 18:00


The gaff banner by: brulaw

"Just like the weather, this week's gaff is a scorcher" - finlaybj
13th July 2018/Issue #274

giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

NEW RBY 2018-2019 giffgaff Fantasy Football League - JOIN NOW Prize for winner

@timwilliams25 brings us this ever-popular RBY competition. Joining the league couldn't be easier. Simply use this link and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game: for more information on how it all runs, head over to Tim's thread here.


Helper's Toolbox

What is the Helper's Toolbox? It is a different way to view and interact with the Help and Support forum that is tailored to best fit a Helper's needs in order to make it easier for them to provide the best help possible. You can learn all about these new tools and how they can help the community by reading @roxy_r's update and feedback thread here.


General Discussion is more valuable than H&S!

Our fellow member, @extreme_one, has posed an interesting question, what are your thoughts? Are GD contributors considered somehow less valuable than other parts of the community? Head over and see what others think and add your thoughts here.

Lab Highlights
by as7861

Special Mentions

  • @fadlur_f, you are a star! You have been updating and reviewing ideas at the same time.
  • @smithster225225 has been commenting on ideas! Nice One!
  • @freedmaniac has been commenting on ideas! Nice One!

New / Old / Amazing Ideas (written by ijustcantdoit)

Did you know?

  • about the app group, where there is a new app being developed. Join the group and post your favourite idea within the group.
  • the "happenings" widget on the lab page (just scroll down and be prepared to be amazed).
  • there is a portfolio of your submitted ideas?
  • you can view your comments by clicking on the dropbox with show all and click my comments.

High-Tech Highlights
by jammydodge

BlackFly is the latest attempt at flying car


A flying car that will not require a pilot's license to operate has been unveiled in California. BlackFly can travel for up to 25 miles (40km) at a speed of 62mph. Its makers say it will eventually cost the same as a typical sports-utility car, but early models will be more expensive. Kitty Hawk - another US start-up, which is backed by Google co-founder Larry Page - is also testing a personal aircraft in Las Vegas. Several other rival flying cars are in development across the globe. BlackFly's creator is the Palo Alto-based firm Opener. The car has been tested in Canada, where the country’s aviation authority has authorised its use.


Like Kitty Hawk, BlackFly could perhaps be more accurately described as a human-carrying drone. It is not designed to be driven on roads. The vehicle carries one person in a small cockpit, powered by “eight propulsion systems, spread across two wings”. It works best, Opener says, when taking off and landing from grassy surfaces.


“Watching BlackFly take flight just blew me away,” said Darren Pleasance, director of the US Experimental Aircraft Association. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” While the vehicle will not require a pilot's license, Opener said as a precaution riders would have to undergo a training programme in order to become acquainted.


Opener’s chief executive Marcus Leng said the onboard controls offered “instant gratification”. “You have total command of three-dimensional space,” he told CBS News correspondent John Blackstone. “When you press the thumb-stick to climb, you have absolute full control. When you stop in the middle of the air and go off the joystick, the aircraft freezes. And when I say freezes… it literally freezes in the air.” BlackFly can also fly autonomously, Mr Leng said.


Opener joins a long list of companies chasing the ultimate science fiction dream of a flying car, and thanks to rapid improvements in drone capabilities, that future seems closer than ever.

Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Say hello to @goxlade right here.



Welcome @todddavidson over here.



Say hi to @353andy over here.

Photo Of The Week
by brulaw



This week's featured photo is Seaside Smiley Happy by @dory85. Some of the comments were: "Yum yum chips and on the beach lovely" (tonicurtis1967), "Oh... No fair. Posting images of chips. I'm hungry now" (cawallbank), "Wot, no ketchup? Nice shot" (illneverrememberit), "Great looking chips, could do with a little tomato sauce" (themzbiker).


Whenever I get the chance to eat chips on the beach, I tend to have to watch out for the seagulls! Another week, another collection of brilliant photos. Thanks to everyone who contributed, please keep them coming. Click here to see the original post.



Tech Developments
by revilo10

Photoshop Mobile


Recent advancements in mobile technology have moved tablets and phones further towards the processing power of much larger computers, and therefore software companies have been using this to their advantage. The Verge reported that Adobe has plans to bring Photoshop fully onto the iPad.


Adobe already has multiple apps on iOS devices, which includes the most notable, a mobile version of Photoshop which has limited photo editing tools on a basic level. However, with the rising popularity of brands like Serif and their Affinity software range, rumours have it that Adobe will launch a fully functioning iOS version of the popular subscription-based Photoshop.


This also brings up the question of trackpads, a long debate as to introducing trackpads for drawing on mobile devices has been ongoing. As of now, you can connect third-party trackpads to iOS and Android devices, but there are no integrated trackpads. So, could we see tech companies moving towards producing integrated trackpads? We can only hope.

Thanks for reading

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by: brulaw
on: 13/07/2018 | 18:02 edited: 13/07/2018 | 18:03

The gaff Friday 13 July.png



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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 13/07/2018 | 18:08



Jam packed as usual and great information and well done to everyone mentioned and to @dory85 for the photo of chips on the beach


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by: frenchielove
on: 13/07/2018 | 18:26

Great read as usual @willp789 and the team. Always look forward to this 

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 13/07/2018 | 19:09 edited: 15/07/2018 | 07:46

Another week's has flown bye just like sun but never mind the rain , the gaff will brighten your day .

Thanks as usual to all the team .

@willp789 @brulaw @bluemoonbaz @jammydodge @toxiic @kathleen414  @revilo10 @ijustcantdoit


@dory85 your picture captures summer a treat , cheers for sharing with us .c7cd2b0cc6f68a15276cdf81f31c8d7e--smiley-emoji-smiley-faces.jpg





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by: the_islander
on: 13/07/2018 | 19:13 edited: 13/07/2018 | 19:14

@willp789 @bluemoonbaz @as7861 @jammydodge @kathleen414 @brulaw and @revilo10


A huge kudos to you all, what a fantastic round up of this week's giffgaff antics 👍 


@dory85 love the photo, congrats on being the featured author, I could do with some chips right about now 😂





 Edit: typo, oops! 

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by: finlaym28
on: 13/07/2018 | 19:28
Another great weekly summary, great work all.
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by: moominpappa
on: 13/07/2018 | 19:32
I'm so busy at the moment, I haven't had any time to visit the forums recently, so it's great to catch up with what's being going on in The Gaff!

Smiley Happy
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by: ijustcantdoit
on: 13/07/2018 | 20:11

Loving being part of the team with Amer @as7861


@willp789 @brulaw @bluemoonbaz @jammydodge @toxiic @kathleen414  @revilo10 

Welcome all our new members and fantastic picture @dory28

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by: tids44
on: 13/07/2018 | 21:21



Thanks for the weekly edition 👍👍👍👍👍

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