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The gaff - 19th August 2016

Started by: mitchell98
On: 20/08/2016 | 23:18
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by: koshka
on: 22/08/2016 | 11:18

Interesting read as always. I'm looking forward to the new look community, thanks.Smiley Happy

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by: costahay
on: 22/08/2016 | 11:43
Really loving the gaff
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by: weelesleymc
on: 22/08/2016 | 12:51

always a good read.thanks guys i liked the olympic part as well.very good

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by: ray2
on: 22/08/2016 | 15:39

hi @mitchell98


if i missed it i apologise,but what was the overall feedback from the gaff improvement survey,i keep checking the gaff for any update, would be interesting to hear what you found really useful and might implement in the future Smiley Happy

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by: bantonm
on: 26/08/2016 | 02:19

Cheers for the mention guys, it seems that thread has a lot of support for how I felt about the forum and adds other reasons why they are so good for giffgaff and indeed, the members and new members. I hope you liked the artwork I made as it took me a while and at one point I was scratching my head as to where I was actually going with it... but naturally it ended well. 

It's the first time I have had a read of the gaff and I must say it makes sense and is clearly a lot of work for you guys to put together. Keep it up ! It's of a great benefit to everyone. 

Oh and that thread is the highest kudos I ever got Smiley Very Happy

Hope to remain a worthy contributor to the forums and if you ever need to chat, I'm never usually too far away (unless I am out or sleeping).

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by: cloughey
on: 27/08/2016 | 02:13
Keep them coming, thanks
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by: kevincunno
on: 27/08/2016 | 07:49

A big thanks to @mitchell98 and @mark1101b for your awesome work on the gaff and to @jammydodge for the Olympics high lights awesome work there cheers for the privilege of been able to read this great gaff 😊

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by: giffgaff439
on: 27/08/2016 | 20:32
thank you for this Smiley Happy
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by: weetinamc
on: 29/08/2016 | 12:53

i dont always read the gaff but i must admit this edition was well worth the look

thanks mitchell and mark

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