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The gaff - 19th August 2016

Started by: mitchell98
On: 20/08/2016 | 23:18
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by: mitchell98
on: 20/08/2016 | 23:18

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"It seems as if we have no voice, it's time for us to make a choice."

19th August 2016 / Issue #189


  • New design for the community coming soon

    The Community is a big part of giffgaff, people come here for technical help for all things giffgaff, and also for a nice chat with the members, but the look and layout of the Community is also important. Head of Community @gregg_b brought us the news this week that the Community will have a nice, brand new look coming to us very soon! Looking to improve on the experience for mobile users, Gregg and the team have put a lot of hard work into the new design which will go live in 3-4 weeks. It's full of bright, fresh colours with a smoother look to compliment the colours - Gregg included some screenshots of how the new designs will look for both desktop and mobile users, so go ahead and check them out and leave your thoughts and feedback!
  • Data Update - August 2016

    It has been quite a while since the Community had an update about the data on the giffgaff network, so @gary_1989 thought now would be a good time to talk about a few things. Gary updated the Community about the relations with O2, saying that giffgaff and O2 still have a great relationship, network capacity is 70% larger than last year and that data satisfaction scores have increased to 75% - a fantastic number. Gary also went on to talking about new ideas that could come to the network to do with data for the members, ideas such as data saving mode with video and optimisation, adblocker and more. Head over to the announcement thread for more details.


@dave2909 says "Hi am new to giffgaff so just wanted to say Hi". Hi right back at ya' Dave - we hope you're settling in okay? Smiley Happy


@capa099 says "Hi guys, I haven't been part of the community long but I am slowly getting to grips with the system and helping people out"

Hey Capa - That's really cool to read. Nice to see you around the community. 


@ryancrw says "Hello everyone. I'm a new giffgaffer and I'm excited to get into the community. Greetings Ryan and a BIG welcome from us!


@riajoy is our newest member of the giffgaff team to visit and introduce herself to us.

Ria is the resident GG chatterbox and loves a good cup of builders tea. 


Hiya Ria.. Totally agree with you there! You can't beat a good brew! Smiley Wink





  • Apps for the entire family

    We all love using our phones to play games, keep track of things with different apps for our phones, but how often to we think about apps for the whole family to use? Well, @shadylady has thought of this and brings us the very best for you and your family! From fun interactive games for everyone to get involved in, to some vocab improvement games - check out Sadia's blog!

  • Meet the New Technology being used at Rio 16' Olympics

    In the Olympics, the scores play a huge part in seeing who wins the medals - if the scores aren't right, things can get confusing. New technology is always being invented, and the Rio 16' Olympics have been using some of the latest technology to keep track of scores, help swimmers keep track of laps and so much more. New advances allows for athletes to perform better, and @jammydodge brings us everything tech related from the Olympics this year!


  • Rio Olympics '16 - Discussion

    We featured this thread last week, but the Olympics and the discussions in the thread make it too exciting not to feature it again! It has been an exciting week of sports this week with Team GB earning quite a few medals - while not everyone has been over in Brazil, a lot of members came together to discuss the events as they went on! Everyone has come together for this event and talking about everything, from the sports to the presenters! Sit back, grab a cold drink and jump into the discussion!

  • Being realistic about giffgaff..

    If you have ever seen @brulaw out and around the Community, then there's a good chance you will have seen one of his posts in the Contribute section, spreading positivity and uniting everyone, making sure he can try and make people happy. Bruce is back at it again this week with a thread about being realistic about giffgaff, comparing the good and possibly bad points for people, but showing that there's good things for everyone here, but it's not not perfect for some people! Like Bruce says, "it might not be for everyone, but neither is marmite and that's doing quite well".

  • **phone_number_removed**

    Don't worry, we're not posting our phone numbers at the topic title! When members try to help other members in Help and Support, they might need to give them a number to call to get their PAC from their current provider for example, however giffgaff by default blocks out phone numbers - when trying to give help, it can become an issue. @jtemplar picked up on that issue this week and members have been discussing the options of what they can do to change or get around it, to help. Got an idea? Head over and share it!

  • How valuable are these forums?

    "I for one think these forums are formidable and a truly great part of giffgaff" - that is what @bantonm has said about giffgaff in his opening few lines on his thread this week. The giffgaff forums play a massive part in the whole scheme of giffgaff, and bantonm wanted to discuss with everyone how valuable the forums really are. Not in terms of monetary value, but the value to giffgaff and the members. He wants to "take his hat off" to everyone who offers support to members here, and rightly so! If you think and feel the same, jump over and show your thoughts and support!

  • Pokemon Photography competition

    Last week we featured the Pokemon Go guide, but this week we have a brand new competition for you, this time with the theme of Pokemon! The world went crazy for it, and now there is a competition for all Pokemon lovers to get involved in! Although iit is just for fun and no prizes are up for grabs, there's still a chance to have a lot of fun! Have you spotted a Pokemon in a funny place while on Pokemon Go? A diglett in the toilet maybe? If you've got some funny Pokemon Go pictures, head over to @sooze86's competition and share them!

  • giffgaff money top tips competition - August

    It's competition time! The monthly giffgaff money competition is here and there's a chance to win £20 payback and a £20 Amazon gift voucher! The competition features 6 categories which will allow for 10 members to win! The "5 Hot Tips" will have 5 winners, while the others will have separate winners, each receiving the £20 and £20 Amazon gift voucher for them to spend on anything they like! As an added bonus, members will also win the "Tipster" rank! More details on @timo_ts thread. Go on, get involved!

  • Have the Olympics encouraged you to do more sport?

    The Olympic Games are still going strong with countries winning medals here, there and everywhere - but while the athletes are over in Brazil, @klmwong wants to know if the giffgaff members have been feeling encouraged to do more sports or exercise. A few members have been feeling inspired by the events, with some people feeling inspired to push themselves harder in the sports they already take part in - good job! If you've been getting your sporty gear on and playing during the Olympics, head over and share your activities and thoughts on the games!


Rio Olympics 2016 Week 2 Highlights


Team GB Medals

Gold: 26 Silver: 22 Bronze: 15 Total: 63


This day a week ago saw Team GB collect 6 shiny medals & make some more history. Sir Bradley Wiggins claimed his eighth Olympic Gold medal in the Team Pursuit to become the most decorated British Olympian. Stanning & Glover (Pairs Rowing) & the men’s coxless fours retained their rowing titles gaining two more Golds. Bryony Page won Team GB’s first ever Olympic trampoline medal taking home a silver medal. Jazz Carlin took her second medal of these games with 800m freestyle silver along side the Dressage team who narrowly missed a Gold but brought home the 6th medal of the day in the colour silver.


‘Super’ Saturday II was the day when GB enjoyed their most successful day at Rio yet but not in the way we were expecting it. Yes we brought home lots of medals (8 in total) but No as they were in the wrong colour (Only 3 golds). Laura Trott became the first British female to win 3 titles at the Games after a World Record team pursuit Gold, she was joined by Mo Farah (Do your Mo Bot) who become the first British Athlete to win 3 Olympic Track and Field Gold medals after he won his second 10,000m gold. The men’s eight rowing took back the crown after a 16 year absence with the women’s eight taking their first silver ever. Shock, Horror as Ennis-Hill and Rutherford gave up their 2012 titles taking Silver and Bronze medals. Finally Becky James & the Men’s 4x100m medley relay both took silver.


Day 9 saw both Jason Kenny (Track Sprint) & Andy Murray (Tennis) defend their Olympic titles gaining golds. Max Whitlock (Gymnastics floor and Pommel Horse) made history wining two gold medals in a matter of hours and Justin Rose followed suit with the first golf crown for 112 years! Louis Smith (Pommel Horse), Nick Dempsey (Windsurfing) & Callum Skinner (Track Sprint) all won silvers. On Day 10 Dujardin retained her individual Dressage title, Sophie Hitchon won GB’s first Hammer medal since 1924, claiming bronze & Mark Cavendish (Men’s Omnium) took his first ever Olympic medal with a silver.


‘Terrific’ Tuesday was the day when Team GB secured their best haul at an away Olympics as they added 9 medals to the board giving them a total of 50. Couple Jason Kenny (Keirin) and Laura Trott (Omnium) both made history to equal Sir Chris Hoy’s record of 6 gold medals & becoming the first British woman to win 4 gold medals.  Becky James & Katy Marchant secured silver and bronze medals in the Cycling Sprint while Giles Scott took gold in the Finn class, Amy Tinkler (Gymnastics Floor), Nile Wilsom (High Bar) & Joshua Buatsi settled on Bronzes. Day 12 saw Team GB take no medals but many athletes secured places in semis and finals for the following day.


On Day 13 brothers Alistair and Johnny Brownlee secured the old one-two in the triathlon, Jade Jones defended her Taekwondo title & Langridge & Ellis winning GB’s first ever Olympic badminton doubles medal in the colour Bronze. Silver was taken in the K2 200m by Liam Heath and Jon Schofield who upgraded their London 2012 bronze medal.


With 3 days left of events and the Closing Ceremony to come on Sunday night, who knows whether we will beat our 2012 medal tally of 65, I certainly think so!






Phones now cheaper:

    • LG G5: was £439; now £429
    • LG Stylus 2: was £219; now £199

Phones now more expensive:

    • Samsung Galaxy S7: was £499; now £519

(Updated: Wednesday 3rd August 2016 - prices are subject to change on a regular basis, typically weekly. Phones are subject to availability, especially refurbished ones.)


These phones, and more, are available for purchase here


(full feature) (Featured Members Archive)


 Featured Member



Sammy is a definition of what a great helper looks like. If he's online you worry not, any issue will be solved. He can be on the Help forum for hours making sure everyone who feels a bit lost receives their answer. His posts are friendly and detailed, and we trust that any newbie will feel welcome on the land of giffgaff when Sammy is around.


Top notch on being such an amazing helper!



Thanks for reading


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by: mitchell98
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Hey guys,


Another full edition for you this week, although a little later than usual - sorry!


We have @jammydodge's section again this week, show some love to that and if you've missed some Olympics this week, check it out for the best highlights! JD has his live discussion thread over in General Discussion, so check that out too!


Also a huge welcome to jammydodge's brother, @capa099 joins us this week! Welcome to the Community. Smiley Happy


That's everything for this week's edition of the gaff!


Peace and love to you all - stay happy.


Thanks to everyone for reading this week's edition of the gaff, have a lovely weekend,


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Thanks for another gaff. Smiley Happy Featured member seems a little deja vu though. Smiley Tongue

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               The M & M's   @mitchell98  M&M.gif  @mark1101b   have done it again ,




                           Yet another excellent jam packed edition of The gaff  .....  Thank you guys   Smiley Happy  ,

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                                And thank you for the mention of  Being realistic about giffgaff ....   Smiley Happy



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foolish wrote:


Thanks for another gaff. Smiley Happy Featured member seems a little deja vu though. Smiley Tongue


You're right there @foolish! There's no new Featured Member unfortunately, hopefully next week we can see a fresh new name. Smiley Happy

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Thanks again @mitchell98 Just up and haven't had a chance to read it yet but I know it is going to be another good read.


Thanks for all the good work you and @mark1101b put in on our behalf, week after week



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Well here we go again... I have been busy working and only just managed to catch up.

Another exiting week for the gaff team. @mitchell98 and @mark1101b well done for another full packed edition. it's great to hear all the latest gossip, don't you just love it, i like to say, well done to everyone else to that has contributed and been mentioned in the gaff.Smiley Very Happy


And also Not forgetting a big warm welcome to all the nnew giffgaff Members, Welcome onboard to the mad giffgaff family.


I hope you enjoy you're time here on giffgaff as much as we do.


Thanks again.


On now in the photography board. Join in here Let's see and share some of your favourite animals. August challenge.

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nice one @mitchell98 , @mark1101b and @jammydodge for a brilliant read


massive welcome to all the new giffgaffers Smiley Happy


im enjoying the catch up on the olympics thankyou @jammydodge



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Nice read bud Smiley Happy 






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Thanks again M&M and not forgetting J!

I really appreciate your efforts here as otherwise I would have missed a couple of the items. Smiley Happy
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