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The gaff - 1st April 2017

Started by: mitchell98
On: 01/04/2017 | 20:23
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by: mitchell98
on: 01/04/2017 | 20:23 edited: 27/07/2017 | 09:01
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"I believe in me, so you believe in you"
1st April 2017/Issue #214

News & Announcements 

March 2017 Payback Calculations

We have moved into April, so it's almost time to see how much payback everyone earned in March. To help us work out when the calculations will be complete, @alex_w brings us the payback calculations thread. Check the progress now!


Catch up on Samsung's live announcement

Earlier last week Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus, while giffgaff staff and members came together to watch the livestream. @gadgetchamp wants you to catch up and check it out if you didn't get the chance to tune in. You can also register your interest and receive news when the phones will be released with giffgaff.


Updated 43430 top-up service going LIVE

Not so long ago @gary_1989 announced the 43430 top-up service was getting an update, and it has finally become LIVE. The new updates allows you to use your voucher to update balance, update your friend's balance and more. Read more on Gary's thread.

Blog Highlights 

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ announced: here's what you need to know

Last week we tuned in to watch the Samsung livestream and now @wsjudd is giving us a detailed breakdown of the events, covering the S8 and S8 Plus. If you're a Samsung fanboy, you'll definitely want to check this blog out.

The Evolution of Televisions: From Large Box to Paper Thin

Do you remember the time when we had those dusty wide-backed televisions which needed a full TV stand to hold it? Well, fortunately we have TV's we can hang on walls, but it wasn't always like that. @abdulf gives us a blast from the past with the evolution of televisions.


7 Ways to Make Your giffgaff Goodybag Stretch

Running out of data can be a nightmare, but thankfully abdulf has 7 amazing ways to make your giffgaff goodybags last longer! If you're a big data user, you definitely should check this blog out.

What's happening 

Best Answer - Voting System

You might have noticed that not every thread in Help and Support has a best answer, and that's something @ambalabamba wants to change, with a voting system. Their idea suggests members could vote on which is the best answer, and award it accordingly. What do you think about this idea? Share your opinions over on the discussion thread.

Changes to the giffgaff money community coming next week

There's some exciting news revolving around the giffgaff money section of the forum, as Community Manager @juan_p announces that the forum section will be added to the giffgaff money site. More good news includes a revamped 'Hot Deals' platform, including fresh sections, expiry dates and more. Check Juan's thread for more info.

Weekly Members hot deals & Tips Round up : March 31/03/17

There's even more good news with giffgaff money this week, as @kathleen414 brings the latest hot deals and tips submitted by members. There's some free Chanel make-up on offer, free books with Amazon, 70% off Yankee Candles and much more. Head over and bag the deals before they expire!

Come and join the gaff, giffgaff's weekly newsletter!

If you love reading the gaff, then you might just love the opportunities coming up within the gaff. We are currently looking for someone to take on the 'Say Hello!' section and small-article writers, to rotate with 'JD's High-Tech Highlights'. Sounds interesting? Check out the thread for more information.

Phone Updates 

New Refurb Phones
  • iPhone 6: £349
  • iPhone 6 Plus: £379
  • iPhone 6S: £419
  • iPhone 6S Plus: £499

Updated 22nd December 2016. These prices are subject to change typically on a regular basis, new, refurb and marketplace phones are subject to availability.


Interested in one of these phones?

The phones listed above, and many more, can be purchased through the giffgaff mobile phone store and are subject to availability.

Say Hello!

16.png@gavgooner1980 joined on Friday and said "I only joined Giffgaff today and have to say I am well pleased. It's great to be a giffgaff member.". We're glad you're happy, Gav, and it's great to have you with us!

13.png@alancoin joined last week and popped in to say "Hey guys, I'm kinda liking it already. How are some of you new members getting on?". We hope you stick with us and enjoy yourself Alan, we love your positivity!


JD's High-Tech Highlights by jammydodge 

School makes millions from Snapchat IPO


If you're a parent, a letter home from school is common. But on Thursday, Simon Chiu, the president of Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, wrote to parents to share some "monumental news". In 2012, he began, the school invested $15,000 in a cool new app that was being used incessantly by Andrew and Natalie Eggers, two siblings who attended the school. Their father Barry was a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, a local investment firm. After seeing how excited his children were to be using the app, and learning that their friends were as obsessed as they were, he decided to get involved. It was, of course, Snapchat.

He met with co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, who today are multi-millionnaires thanks to their company's incredible stock market debut, but back then were working out of a dorm room at Stanford.
Mr Eggers was suitably impressed, and so Lightspeed led a $500,000 investment round - Snapchat's first.

The firm invested $485,000, but Mr Eggers also convinced Saint Francis High School to throw in $15,000 from a school development fund set up in the 1990s. In what must go down as one of the understatements of the year, Mr Chiu's letter on Thursday continued: "The school's investment in Snap has matured and given us a significant boost as we continue our work towards realising the bold vision and goals."

One of those goals is to make education at Saint Francis - a private, Catholic school where tuition costs $17,000 a year - more affordable to more people in the surrounding community. So how much did the school earn? It's hard to say exactly right now. It sold many of its shares on Thursday at the $17 opening price. That raised a cool $24m. It kept hold of a third - and at the close of play on Thursday, Snap's stock was up by 44%. A great little earner - with perhaps a lot more still to come.


Featured Member 

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Message 1 of 38
by: mitchell98
on: 01/04/2017 | 20:23

Hey guys,


The gaff is back in full force after a short break and we're glad to be back!


In the coming few weeks you're going to see some changes to how the gaff looks, which we hope you will enjoy. The changes will be coming as soon as next week, so we will be working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything is ready for then. In the two weeks of absence, these changes and updates have been worked on and we hope they will make the gaff even more of an enjoyable read for you all.


The aim is to make the gaff more informative, yet quick and easy to read. Over the next few weeks you should see more images being introduced to the gaff, and chunks of text being removed, making it much more visually pleasing and less heavy on the eyes. As always, we are looking for ways to improve the gaff week upon week, so please do feel free to submit your thoughts and ideas!


If you haven't already seen the thread, we are currently looking for people to get involved with the gaff and make it an ever biggest member project. If you're interested in joining the team, click here and check out what's available!


Thanks for reading,


Message 2 of 38
by: gsklb04
on: 01/04/2017 | 20:33

Thank you so many ch for still
taken the the me to give us the gaff,
I am still
Amazed how much I miss around the forum each week.
But leased I get the chance to participate. Even if I am a little late.
Message 3 of 38
by: johnrooney80
on: 01/04/2017 | 20:34
Thanks for the informative 'gaff' @mitchell and everyone who works on it-The new 43430 service is going to be good me.tinx...Smiley Wink
Message 4 of 38
by: brulaw
on: 01/04/2017 | 21:07

@mitchell98  &  @jammydodge


Thanks guys , its great to see the latest edition of The gaff 😀.... Looking forward to seeing the new look  , one things for sure .... it's going to be very much appreciated as it always has been ......👍 ,  I'm away this weekend so I'll  catch up more when i get back home .

Message 7 of 38
by: ray2
on: 01/04/2017 | 21:08

Thankyou for this weeks update's @mitchell98 & @jammydodge


Massive welcome to all the new giffgaffers Smiley Happy


And a massive congratulations to @claw on being the featured member 






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Message 8 of 38
by: acetech
on: 01/04/2017 | 21:23
Thanks for the round up! Looking forward to seeing the new look too Smiley Happy
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