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The gaff - 21st September 2018

Started by: willp789
On: 21/09/2018 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 21/09/2018 | 18:00


The gaff banner by: brulaw

"Lots of great news and photos to check out" - cass905

21st September 2018/Issue #284

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giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

Are there any methods of payment you'd prefer to use?

@prescilla_g and the giffgaff team are interested in hearing about what you currently think about our existing payment methods and if there's anything else that you'd prefer to use which we perhaps haven't implemented yet which we could possibly take a look into. Current payment methods for goodybags/credit:

  • Card (debit/credit)
  • Voucher
  • Paypal
  • Using your existing balance

What are your thoughts on this one, could or should we introduce a new method? Head over here and have your say.


Activation with PayPal - Ongoing trial format for new SIMs (Sept 2018)

@riaz7 brings us an update from the previous post: Back in April, giffgaff found a couple of issues with the PayPal implementation that meant members were getting stuck or lost once we sent them over to PayPal. We’ve been working closely with PayPal to find solutions to this problem and we think we're almost there, but there's still one or two issues to iron out. So giffgaff will be doing a new trial for a few months on the PayPal option during activation.


This means that some members will not be able to select PayPal as a payment option during their activation, similar to how our first trial ran. This is so we can be sure our changes are making a positive impact. It’ll only affect people who are activating SIM cards fresh - once they’ve activated, they’ll be able to add credit or a goodybag with PayPal if they choose. If you’re currently a PayPal user, you can still use PayPal as you normally do.


Evolving charity nominations from December 2018

We're heading towards our next nominations and you may have missed this discussion. The current nomination period uses these rules, and you can read more and nominate a charity over here. However, that doesn't mean it has to stay that way for the rest of time. This thread, posted by @t_will, is to check in and see in what ways the charity nomination and voting process should be for December 2018 and beyond.


What parts work, make sense, and benefit the right causes, and what parts of the process aren't pulling their weight, or could be better at benefiting giffgaffers' favourite charities. What parts of the process would you like to change, what parts are important enough to keep, and why? Click here to share your thoughts.

Lab Highlights
by as7861


  • The new Labs Homepage has been released.
    • The first new aspect you will notice is that the first aspect you will see is the how it works page.
    • The second part is more intuitive and is able to change the type of spotlight. You have three options: Most Popular ideas, New ideas, Tending you can change this by clicking the mini arrow next to one of the three headings.
    • Also, there is a new banner on the top.
  • @fadlur_f is guiding us through a journey and bringing us along too. The next part journey for the labs included the Labs Knowledgebase article. It is currently being finalised.

New / Old / Amazing Ideas (written by ijustcantdoit)

Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Welcome @mr_os aboard over here.



Find our newcomer @h_2003 right here.



Welcome @jon7777777 over here.

Photo Of The Week
by brulaw



This week's featured photo is The only way is UP by @themrbarso. Some of the comments included: "A lovely miniature fairy kingdom" (jeanlk), "Oh that is beautiful" (frenchielove), "Love this" (thesepticpheasant), "Getting down is the only way! Lovely result too" (markulous), "All it needs is a fairy perched on top" (illneverrememberit), "Cracking picture once again and really love how this wee fungus is reaching up into the sky from the fresh grass" (the_bookie).


Click here to see the original post. Thank you everyone, great pictures. Please keep them coming.


The only way is UP.jpg

High-Tech Highlights
by jammydodge

Jellyfish robots to watch over endangered coral reefs


A fleet of robotic jellyfish has been designed to monitor delicate ecosystems, including coral reefs. The underwater drones were invented by engineers at Florida Atlantic University and are driven by rings of hydraulic tentacles. The robots can squeeze through tight holes without causing damage.


The flexible, 20cm-wide bots are modelled on the appearance of the moon jellyfish during its larval stage. The design is intended to be less environmentally disruptive than a drone submarine, according to Prof Erik Engeberg, of Florida Atlantic University. "Mini-submarines are rigid and typically use a propeller for locomotion," he said. "The propellers can chop up the reef and the tough shell of a sub can cause damage to delicate ecosystems if there is a collision. The soft jellyfish robot can avoid these problems with its unorthodox design and locomotion strategy, inspired by biology."


To move, the robots use eight silicon rubber tentacles powered by pumps. Water flows into the tentacles, filling them up and then - as the pumps are switched off - it flows back into the surrounding sea again. This propels the robot jellyfish forward and produces a lifelike flapping motion.


Basing a robot on a real organism is "a great idea", according to Prof John Turner, a marine biologist at Bangor University. The drone's jerky movement might not be ideal for recording video or sound, but Prof Turner said it could monitor the health of the reef, for example by spotting changes in oxygen levels, or evidence of erosion. "Of course one risk might be the drone being consumed by turtles, sea mammals and large fish," he told the BBC, noting that the robot could have "a harmful effect on the unfortunate animal that swallowed it". He said the designers should consider adding an acoustic warning device, or giving the jellyfish an "unpalatable taste".

Thanks for reading

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by: brulaw
on: 21/09/2018 | 18:04 edited: 21/09/2018 | 18:07

The gaff Friday 21st sept.png


                                                                      Happy giffgaffing everyone ..... enjoy the read big-grin.gif

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 21/09/2018 | 18:18

Hello gaff readers 

We hope you love this week's edition from your team 

@willp789 @brulaw @kathleen414 @ijustcantdoit @as7861@jammydodge@toxiic

Welcome to our new members 

@mr_os  @h_2003 @jon7777777

Congrats to @themrbarso for a great picture this week 

See you all soon for another edition 







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by: ijustcantdoit
on: 21/09/2018 | 18:35

Another top edition from all the gaff contributors 

@themrbarso cool picture mate .

Gonna sit down with a cold beer and have a read through , don't forget to check out the labs and all the cool ideas .



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by: isabel1066
on: 21/09/2018 | 18:53
well done again is this weeks the gaff a great read.
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 21/09/2018 | 18:56







And everyone again for a great read👍




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by: the_bookie
on: 21/09/2018 | 19:11 edited: 21/09/2018 | 19:29

Bravo top notch edition of the gaff once

again and I so look forward to every one

of these excellent publications each and

every friday .


Where there is lots of fantastic news and

great tips / insights into everything thats

happening on this fabulous community .


I'm also a big fan of themrbarsos work in 

the photography section and if you have

not visited this super section I definitely

would pop in and participate and give all 

the lovely people there some praise and

encouragement for there great pictures 

they post regularly for everybody to see

week in and week out thanks .

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by: a1antman
on: 21/09/2018 | 19:29

Hi and thank you so much for another great and informative edition of The gaff. Smiley Happy


@willp789, @bluemoonbaz, @as7861, @kathleen414, @brulaw, @jammydodge and everyone else who is involved behind the scenes in bringing us The gaff every week. Smiley Happy


A very warm welcome to our new giffgaff members: @mr_os, @h_2003 and @jon7777777.

I hope you are enjoying this great network and wonderful community. Smiley Happy


Congratulations to @themrbarso for this weeks photo of the week, it is a lovely photo. Smiley Happy


I hope you all have a great weekend everyone. Smiley Happy


Kind Regards


a1antman Smiley Happy 

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by: frenchielove
on: 21/09/2018 | 19:37

Really interesting read so thank you @willp789 and all the team great stuff, loved the article on the jellyfish robots

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