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The gaff - 25th August 2017

Started by: willp789
On: 25/08/2017 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:00 edited: 25/08/2017 | 18:59
the_gaff_2017_banner_1.pngthe gaff banner by: brulaw
"I believe in me, so you believe in you"
25th August 2017/Issue #228

giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

16th-31st August Giffgaff challenge run by you: summer flashbacks

It's the last in our Run by you challenges brought to you this time by @asghir14. What is your most memorable moment for this summer? You can share your thoughts via text, video or photos. It could be a small or big memorable moment - anything would be superb. So please head over and let's finish our summer fun with some happy memories. Click here to add your moments.


giffgaff Island Castaway

Our member @extreme_one had a great idea to get to know members of the giffgaff community better. Our first brave soul has ventured onto the high seas and ended up castaway on giffgaff Island. Our first castaway is @madscouser69 so we can all find out more about one of our fellow giffgaffers. You can find our desert island right here and if you would like to be our next castaway, send a PM to @extreme_one.


Data Update - 21/08/2017

We have a data update from @gary_1989! It's good news - we can confirm the increase in speed for Always On data after 6GB will go live this Wednesday 23rd Aug. Also, just wanted to clarify that tethering is now permitted for the whole life of the goodybag, even after using the first 6GB (a few questions have been popping up around this). However, we still have our Traffic Flow policy to protect member experience. For a reminder of the latest data news, click here.


Latest news on giffgaff studio

@shaina_k brings us the initial wireframes of giffgaff studio. Lots of members have been keen to try this, me included so here is our chance. Click here to get started. Shaina is really keen to hear our feedback and questions, so after you have a try please leave your comments here.

Labs Highlights
by as7861

Special Mentions

Within this section, we have some people that have helped with developing an idea, have given feedback or just been supportive over the past week. In no particular order:

  • @blackfive460 has been a roll model to other giffgaff with the outward thinking and constructive feedback, that makes other think and go in-depth of ideas and suggestions. In addition, has been giving great feedback with finding original idea project.
  • @bertiebat has had a keen eye on the lab, and has spotted some out of place ideas and also her positive feedback to new submission has been much welcomed.
  • @bluemoonbaz has been constantly giving positive encouragement to others on labs and is willing to try something new to help out.
  • @anth006 has also had a keen eye, on spotting ideas that are out of place and has been helping out with project of finding original ideas project.

Status Changes

  • Bespoke Phone cases -  This idea has recently put under giffgaff's radar and is now being looked at. If you are interested, consider giving your feedback.  Well done to @avalony for making this come alive

Not much movement? Well, giffgaff wants to consider every idea. Never fear though, your idea might be next.


New Ideas

Why wait? You can search for an idea you like by using the search bar located here. If you do not find the idea you are looking for, you can always post your idea in the contribute section, this would firstly allow you to get feedback on the idea and secondly there might be an idea that has been described very differently to what you were thinking. If all fails, you have a chance to develop your idea and post your idea in the Lab. Good Luck fellow inventors! 

High-Tech Highlights
by jammydodge

'Self-driving' lorries to be tested on UK roads


Small convoys of partially driverless lorries will be tried out on major British roads by the end of next year, the government has announced. A contract has been awarded to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to carry out the tests of vehicle "platoons". Up to three lorries will travel in formation, with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle. The TRL will begin trials of the technology on test tracks, but these trials are expected to move to major roads by the end of 2018.

The lead vehicle in the platoons will be controlled by a human driver and humans will also control the steering in lorries to the rear - although acceleration and braking will be mirrored.


Lorries driving close together could see the front vehicle pushing air out of the way, making the other vehicles more efficient and lowering their emissions. This could lead to fuel savings for companies that will hopefully be passed on to consumers, Transport Minister Paul Maynard said.


The TRL has announced its partners for the project:

  • DAF Trucks, a Dutch lorry manufacturer
  • Ricardo, a British smart tech transport firm
  • DHL, a German logistics company

Platooning has been tested in a number of countries around the world, including the US, Germany and Japan. However, British roads present a unique challenge, said Edmund King, president of the AA. "We all want to promote fuel efficiency and reduce congestion but we are not yet convinced that lorry platooning on UK motorways is the way to go about it," he said, pointing out, for example, that small convoys of lorries can block road signs from the view of other road users. "We have some of the busiest motorways in Europe with many more exits and entries. "Platooning may work on the miles of deserted freeways in Arizona or Nevada but this is not America," he added.


His comments were echoed by the RAC Foundation.Its director, Steve Gooding, said: "Streams of close-running HGVs could provide financial savings on long-distance journeys, but on our heavily congested motorways - with stop-start traffic and vehicles jostling for position - the benefits are less certain."

Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Hiya Marcus, welcome to giffgaff!


@mark1986sue joined us a couple months ago and popped on the community to say 

"Hello everyone I'm Marcus and I'm 31" It's lovely to see you posting and I hope you're enjoying giffgaff.


You can say hello to Marcus here Heart


@franklinclinton1988 says "Hi guys, I just joined giffgaff, just waiting for my sim to arrive then I'll activate it!"


Whooo, welcome to giffgaff Franklin it's great to meet you Smiley Happy. If you have any questions you need answering, we are all here ready to assist you. Let's give our new member a warm giffgaff welcome right here.


Heart Welcome Heart



Worthwhile wait to get connected from @daniellafine. Hiya and welcome to giffgaff Daniella, thank you for this fab review.


"Hello guys glad I made it,  was about to give up, after a few stressful days of not getting my giffgaff sim to work everything is now working fine. Enjoying the forums, Data speeds, choice of GoodyBags & prices all just great. Just to add (after having my experience) all new members should thoroughly check the compatibility of their phones before assuming that the sim is at fault."


Why pop over and say hello to Daniella, she is right here Smiley Happy

GIFFY - The Story So Far
by cim

It started with a song…

A few months ago, I set myself a simple challenge: write a very catchy song. Cubase music software was used to try some ideas and the end result was the uber-catchy song Yes We Giffgaff.


large.pngSteinberg 'Cubase' Music Software being used to arrange "Yes We Giffgaff"


This featured various original ringtones and I thought why not make them available to members to download? - so I selected the easy-to-use Wix for web hosting and reserved the domain


large (1) web site home page


Creating content

I added gg style page banners and ‘digital noise’, wrote a FAQ with my take on the best reasons to join giffgaff and created various fun stuff and giffgaff recruitment banners. In keeping with the mobile theme, background photos on the site came from my mobile - as did that infamous vibrate sound!


A challenging part was making the site mobile and desktop compatible – made me appreciate what giffgaff’s web site creators have to do! Also giffgaff has rules for MGM web sites so I took care to follow t’s & c’s.


Custom animations

I had produced some GIFFY emojis for a previous challenge so used them in a 2D animation in PowerPoint simply because I own it and I know it! I remixed the song down to a 1 min ‘advert’ and animated that first - a longer/simpler animation version followed later - all uploaded to YouTube of course.


The single

Yes We Giffgaff was released via CDBaby who quickly pushed the song out to all major streaming services - a handy way to make music very accessible to all.


Social media

At launch, GIFFY went live on social media naturally - Twitter, Facebook (Pinterest even!) - all a learning curve and I'm still learning - I have more content ideas but I want to try to get GIFFY better publicised first - going ‘viral’ is the impossible dream for such projects so... any nice Youtube, Twitter (#YesWeGiffgaff) and Facebook mentions, likes, comments, re-tweets etc are all most welcome!

Thanks for reading

If you would like to receive a weekly PM when a new edition of the gaff is posted, joining 200 other people currently on the mailing list, then click here.

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:02


Cheers mate another packed edition 

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by: willp789
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:02

Hi everyone! Our schedule is back to normal now Smiley Happy. This time we don't have a Photo Of The Week, but we will next week.

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by: giffer23
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:17
Another fully packed great edition gaff. Thank you.
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by: as7861
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:22
Nice work team Smiley Happy Alot of great news this weeek Smiley Happy
- Amer Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: the_islander
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:38
Great summary guys, some great ideas featured. I'll have to check them out.

Shame to see no featured photo, but looking forward to having it back.
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by: kmichael
on: 25/08/2017 | 18:58

Great, thanks @willp789

Just to let you know that the giffgaff Island Castaway link is wrong; if you could update it, would be cool.

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by: willp789
on: 25/08/2017 | 19:00

kmichael wrote:


Great, thanks @willp789

Just to let you know that the giffgaff Island Castaway link is wrong; if you could update it, would be cool.


Oh what am I like... Thanks @kmichael I've fixed it Smiley Happy

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by: mcilwraith
on: 25/08/2017 | 19:13

thanks again all involved

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