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The gaff - 26th August 2016

Started by: mitchell98
On: 27/08/2016 | 18:08
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by: mitchell98
on: 27/08/2016 | 18:08

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"It seems as if we have no voice, it's time for us to make a choice."

26th August 2016 / Issue #190


  • New giffgaff educator: guy_ow

    The final Work From Home Educator to introduce themselves to us this week has been @guy_ow! You might have seen Guy dotting around the Community on the Educator training accounts, so here he is to introduce himself! Guy has experience in retail, bars and currently works for a local archives! When Guy isn't working, he enjoys going bouldering at his local climbing centre, having fun with friends and doing jobs he enjoys. Guy also loves history - local history, family history, he's history mad! If you fancy chatting about anything history related, drop him a message!
  • New giffgaff educator: judd_r

    We welcome another Work From Home Educator this week as @judd_r introduced himself! Judd wanted to join giffgaff as an Edcuator because he loves the idea that people can work together to achieve anything - and he wanted in! If you're looking for a cup of tea, Judd puts the 'T' in terrible, so maybe try Kara! Outside of work, Judd loves playing around with new tech and also studies computing and IT. He also loves watching anime, listening to music and playing video games! If you've got some recommendations for an anime to watch or video game to try, shoot him a message!
  • New giffgaff educator: _kara_

    Not so long ago, giffgaff announced positions had become available for a brand new role within the Community - Work From Home Educators. A fantastic position and ideal job for those who love the Community. The first WFH Educator has been revealed and introduced herself earlier this week - @_kara_ is the very first WFH Educator to join the team - she loves learning new things and enjoys reading about all sorts of stuff! When Kara isn't working and reading, she enjoys making mead, beer and alcoholic ginger beer so if you have a question or two about that, you've found the perfect person to ask!


@jonjo777 has been here for a week or two and already met some great members who have been a big help to him. Hello Jonjo! Welcome to the Community. If you need anymore help, please shout out! We will be more than happy to assist you. Smiley Happy


@kalli1234 says "Hi I'm Kali - not new to giffgaff but new to the community. Just wanted to say Hi and hopefully I'll be popping in from now on. Hiya Kali. We look forward to seeing you around! Image result for THUMBS UP EMOJI


@geu42 is new to GG and says "Hello. Previously with another provider and paying £10 a month for not very much. My daughter (a giffgaff member) suggested I need the £5 goodybag for my needs. So far she is right.."

Greetings for us geu42! You sound like a

happy gaffer now..  Image result for THUMBS UP smiley


@nnathan says "Hi everyone I'm new to GG and hope to be a long term member too"

Hey Nath! Welcome aboard. We hope you're settling in okay? 


@johnbas is our newest member of the giffgaff team to visit and introduce himself to us.

John is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at giiffgaff towers and when not doing tecky stuff, John says he makes an excellent cup of tea.. Smiley Wink

Also when John was a kid he had a crush on 'Daphne form Scooby Doo' Image result for animated daphne from scooby doo gifsWooobee Woooo !



  • Top 8 Sony Xperia XA Ultra cases and accessories

    The Sony Xperia XA Ultra is a pretty nice phone with nice features, but even the best phones need a few more accessories and gadgets! @wsjudd brings us the top 8 different cases and accessories for the XA Ultra, including a funky looking powerbank & speaker, some cool cases and even more amazing accessories!

  • Shadylady celebrates 150 blogs + 3 years at giffgaff

    The title speaks for itself - @shadylady has reaches 150 blogs and is also celebrating an amazing 3 years of blogging for giffgaff! That is a fantastic milestone and we can all agree, Sadia's blogs are nothing but amazing, each one with interesting new topics! Head over to the blog, check out her most popular blogs and give her your congratulations!


  • New video mission up for grabs

    Video Missions - these are super fun things which you guys can get involved with if you fancy helping out new and current members of giffgaff, from your home - oh, not to mention you can get yourself some lovely Payback too! There is a brand new video mission that is up for grabs, and you can get your hands on it and earn a bunch of Payback! The new video mission is "How do I report my phone and/or SIM as lost stolen?". If you think you can write a script, do a voice over, present the video, edit a video or do the whole thing, check out the thread for more info!

  • New tutorial: How to recur your goodybag

    Talking about video missions, there is a brand new video mission that has been created by @willp789! The tutorial is all about how to recur your current goodybag, which is bound to be helpful to the newer members that come and join giffgaff. Will earned himself some nice Payback while getting involved with the video missions, which is always good stuff! If you haven't already watched Will's fantastic video mission tutorial, then here it is!

    Creative Writing Competition - If I Could Change One Thing

    The creative writing competition is back once again this month with a brand new theme, coming from your host @polowoman. This month's theme is "If I Could Change One Thing", where members can write a story, poem, some fiction, non-fiction, a play or script - whatever it is, you can write it up and submit it - afterall, it's the Creative Writing Competition! First place will grab £50 Payback, second place getting £15 and third place £10. Submissions are open until midnight September 9th and voting runs right up until September 16th! Winners will then be announced on September 19th!

  • Your Thoughts on The Dashboard / My Recruits Pages

    Earlier this week @benj_a brought the Community a thread in order to gather our thoughts on the current dashboard/my recruits pages. Ben only joined quite recently but he is definitely doing a lot of work, and he's doing even more! Ben has been thinking of some ideas on how to spruce up the recruits page and the dashboard page, and he needs your idead and suggestions on what to improve and change! There's only three easy and quick questions that you can answer, it will be very helpful and should only take a few minutes!

  • The always on info debacle

    When giffgaff introduce new goodybags or changes to goodybags, some things can become a bit confusing, especially when there's a completely new feature or function to them - one example is the "always on" data issue. Not everyone knows what "always on" actually means, and @woodyuk is one of those people - he looked at some info about the always on data and "realised what a complete dog's dinner" the bits of information are. Have you seen the different bits of information about always on? If you're as frustrated and confused about all of the info scattered around the site, head over and join in with the discussion!

The giffgaff Movie Night is coming back! If you're not familiar with this, it is a night where the giffgaff members choose a movie to watch for the night, turn it on together all around the country and participate in a chat while the movie is playing - hosted by @misswotsit!


Below are this week's selection and soon, a poll will go live to vote for the best day and movie on the list! The majority vote will win and a thread will be scheduled for the night! Check out the list for the movies, dates and times.


Monday 29th August - BBC1 @ 8.30pm - Thor: The Dark World (2013 Superhero Adventure Sequel)

- Thor returns to Earth, a powerful weapon is discovered that attracts an old enemy, they want to use it to plunge the universe into darkness. Thor will have to form an alliance with his brother, Loki to stop this threat.

Thursday 1st Sept - ITV2 @ 9pm - Fast and the Furious (Action film)

- Following a friends murder, sees a fugitive return home to seek revenge. Crossing his path is an FBI agent who works with him to bring down those responsible.

Friday 2nd Sept - ITV2 @ 9pm - White house Down (Action/Thriller)

- After terrorists seize control of the White House and a Policeman is rejected for his dream to be the Presidents Bodyguard, he finds himself in a position to prove himself, with the Presidents life in his hands.

Saturday 3rd Sept - BBC2 @ 9pm - War Horse (Drama)

- When the son of a farmer builds a strong bond with the horse that he trains, the son is forced to sell the horse to the British Army during the First World War. The boy is determined to be reunited and refuses to give up hope.

Saturday 3rd sept - ITV2 @ 7.05pm - The Incredible Hulk (Comic book Adventure)






Phones now cheaper:

    • LG G5: was £439; now £429
    • LG Stylus 2: was £219; now £199

Phones now more expensive:

    • Samsung Galaxy S7: was £499; now £519

(Updated: Wednesday 3rd August 2016 - prices are subject to change on a regular basis, typically weekly. Phones are subject to availability, especially refurbished ones.)


These phones, and more, are available for purchase here


Prices are from 3rd August 2016 and may be outdated - no new information or data has been received, so the next price update will follow next week.


(full feature) (Featured Members Archive)


 Featured Member



Talisker35 is a name synonymous with quality. Just having surpassed three years on the community, he's worked tirelessly on improving the Knowledge Base, giving great help, and giving back to charity regularly on the community through his phone giveaways. Talisker - we salute you.



Thanks for reading


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by: mitchell98
on: 27/08/2016 | 18:08

Hey guys,


We have another nice full edition for you this week - we welcome three of the new Work From Home Educators, so be sure to give a nice warm welcome to them over on their announcement threads, or mention them here! Well done to you three.


The return of the giffgaff Movie Nights is coming soon which will be hosted by @misswotsit, so be sure to keep your eyes open for a thread coming along soon with a poll to vote for the movie you would want to have for the first re-launched Movie Night!


That's everything for this week's edition of the gaff!


Peace and love to you all - stay happy.


Thanks to everyone for reading this week's edition of the gaff, have a lovely weekend,


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by: geu42
on: 27/08/2016 | 19:46

I'm in the newsletter! Thanks for the welcome, i'm (very) slowly finding my way around😊

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by: terran_federation
on: 27/08/2016 | 20:19
Another good edition! It's nice to hear about the new staff. Good luck to them and their venture with giffgaff Smiley Happy
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Message 4 of 19
by: titan33
on: 27/08/2016 | 21:52
Many thanks for another brilliant edition of the gaff.👍.
As always this was a feature packed and informative read.
Many thanks to the guys who put in a lot of time and effort into bringing us the weekly edition of the gaff.
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by: bobrobinson
on: 27/08/2016 | 22:30

Wow another great edition of the gaff.  Thanks @mitchell98  and @mark1101b  great job again.


Great to see movie night is coming back.  Good news.


Thamks again guys. Always enjoy reading the gaff


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by: brulaw
on: 27/08/2016 | 23:04 edited: 27/08/2016 | 23:14

 The M & M's   M&M.gif@mitchell98    @mark1101b   do it again , ( give us a great edition of The gaff  that is .... Smiley Wink  Smiley Happy  )



                                                             Thank you guys  thumbup.gif


welcome2.gifTo our new Educators .... @guy_ow     @judd_r    @_kara_  you've joined a great team at giffgaff .... enjoy your new jobs .... Smiley Happy


 Great news that " Movie Night "   ( Movie Club as it was also known for a while )  Movie Club 1a.png    is making a come back ... Thanks to the efforts  of  @misswotsit


      congratulations.gifto our most recent " Featured Member "  @talisker35  well deserved   claping.gif




  Not sure how many more editions of The gaff I'll be reading  , But up till now they've all been crackers , Thank You to everyone who has  helped to make The gaff what it is ..... a must read for " giffgaffers " ......




                                          Happy giffgaffing everyone  big-grin.gif

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by: koshka
on: 27/08/2016 | 23:17

Great gaff as always, thanks all. Smiley Happy Good to see some new eds at last.

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by: jimfraegala
on: 28/08/2016 | 07:45

Nice one again @mitchell98 thank you and thankd too, to @mark1101b


Congratulations to our latest featured member @talisker35


Now just keep the gaff coming, it's brilliant.



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