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The gaff - 27th July 2018

Started by: willp789
On: 27/07/2018 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 27/07/2018 | 18:00


The gaff banner by: brulaw

"Just like the weather, this week's gaff is a scorcher" - finlaybj

20th July 2018/Issue #275

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giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

Do you use Marketplace to sell or buy phones? What do you think about it?

Our very own @shadylady needs our help with some information. If you could spare a moment, please fill out the Google Form, it should only take 1 - 2 minutes.


A Guide on SIM Swap Fraud & How to protect yourself from SIM-swap scams

Our member @premierphotosuk brings to light the increase in SIM-swap fraud cases, where scammers cancel and re-activate new SIM cards to hack into bank accounts. With the ever increasing phone use, it's a useful warning for us all. Why not have a read of this guide and the tips to stay safe.


Can you help us improve the website menus?

@daniele_i would love you could take the time to check out a couple of surveys for her about how you might navigate the giffgaff website to find something specific. One is for one layout, and the other is for another layout, and you can do either or both - all she asks is that you answer all the questions honestly, as the survey results here will help us improve the website for every member and we want to make sure we're getting it right. Click here to see daniele_i's thread.


Survey 1


Survey 2

Lab Highlights
by as7861


  • An update on the o2 TUGO idea from the Labs staffers. The status for the idea has been changed to Future thinking. For more details on the mini update look here.
  • An update on the sell MIFI idea from the Labs staffers. The staus for the idea has been changed to Not for Us. For more details on the status change look here.
  • An update on the Non-Expiring Data Sim idea from the Labs staffers. The status for the idea has been changed to Not for Us. For more details on the status change look here.
  • An update on the Pay via Direct Debit Payments idea from the Labs staffers. The status for the idea has been changed to Not for Us. For more details on the status change look here.

New / Old / Amazing Ideas (written by ijustcantdoit)

High-Tech Highlights
by jammydodge

Drone Bill may ban children from owning larger aircraft


Children could be banned from owning drones weighing more than 250g (0.55lb) under a new proposal from the Department for Transport. They would only be allowed to fly devices heavier than that if they were owned and registered by an adult. It is the latest in a series of proposals designed to crack down on snooping fears and near-collisions with manned aircraft. If approved, it could form part of a draft Drone Bill.


A consultation on the proposals is now underway, with the Bill due to be published later this year. The UK government has already passed legislation that bans drones from flying at heights above 400ft (122m) and within 1km (0.6 miles) of airport boundaries. Pilots flouting the rules face unlimited fines or up to five years in prison as of 30 July. The number of aircraft incidents involving drones has risen sharply in the past few years, with a 25% increase reported in 2017. Research funded by the DfT indicated that a drone weighing 400g could smash a helicopter windscreen.


Other measures that are still up for debate include online safety tests and mandatory registration of devices weighing over 250g with the Civil Aviation Authority. The DfT is also exploring technologies that can protect public events, national infrastructure and prisons from unwanted drone disturbances.


In addition, there are proposals to give police the power to confiscate drones and issue on-the-spot fines to irresponsible pilots. Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said that "there are challenges we must overcome" to prevent the nuisances posed by drones from outweighing their potential benefits. "That's why we've already introduced safety measures like a height limit, and rules around airports, and today we are consulting on how we go further, including extra police powers and a minimum age requirement," she added.



Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Say hello to @leekerr1969 right here.



Spread the giffgaff love with @marge77 here.



Welcome @daveh11578 to the community here.

Photo Of The Week
by brulaw



This week's featured photo is House Martin by @nancaz. Some of the comments included "Aww bless" (oliverspooner), "Great save" (markulous), "Aww he's cute, seems quite tame too" (xxeclairexx), "Aww that's cute" (tonicurtis1967), "Gorgeous looking housemartin" (the_bookie), "Great photo" (frenchielove), "So cute" (c_lockett), "It's beautiful" (yvonnearmstrong).


Click here to see the original post with the full image. It's a really lovely little thing, looks so fragile. Well done you giffsnappers have done it again, another batch of excellent pictures, thank you and please keep them coming.


House Martin.jpg


Tech Developments
by revilo10

Samsung Note 9


At last! We're back to talking about phones. After a few weeks of writing about privacy issues, Facebook and the developing situation there, we're taking a break and getting back to business. Earlier this month we saw leaked images of what is expected to be Samsung's latest addition to the Note range, the Note 9. As seen below, the phone will come in a range of 3 colours, however, at this point everything else is purely rumours until August 9th, launch date.




Rumours suggest we will see a variation in specs, but here's what we are expecting so far:

Click to reveal

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810

Screen: 6.3-inch Quad HD (2960 x 1440) Super AMOLED panel with 18.5:9 aspect ratio

RAM Size: 6GB / 8GB

Size: 128GB / 256GB / 512GB

Source: AndroidCentral

Rumours on pricing are still floating around, with many people expecting the Note 9 to price around the same benchmark as the iPhone X.

Thanks for reading

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by: brulaw
on: 27/07/2018 | 18:03 edited: 27/07/2018 | 18:06

The gaff 27th July.png


                                                                                big-grin.gif Happy giffgaffing  everyone thumbup.gif 

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by: the_islander
on: 27/07/2018 | 18:11
Awesome job as ever, great read. Thanks @willp789 and team.

Looking forward to hearing more on the Note 9, I love the Note 8 so will be interesting to see what's been added this time round.

Great job @nancaz for being the featured photographer!
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 27/07/2018 | 18:25

20180727_171526.gifTo team Giffgaff


To @brulaw for a great banner

@willp789 for the gaff

@finlaybj for another good quote 

@premierphotosuk for pointing out the scammers 


And everyone else for this weeks brilliant gaff

Loads to read


Thank you





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by: frenchielove
on: 27/07/2018 | 19:02

Thank you so much @willp789 and the team, another great read. I especially liked the information about the sim swap fraud thank you @premierphotosuk things like that worry me to death, its good to know how to stay safe, or at least try to 

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by: finlaybj
on: 27/07/2018 | 19:05
Another fantastic weekly edition, great work by all.
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by: nancaz
on: 27/07/2018 | 19:31

@brulaw thank you, and everyone.

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 27/07/2018 | 20:01 edited: 27/07/2018 | 20:04

Cheers for the great edition 

@willp789 @brulaw @bluemoonbaz@jammydodge @_toxiic @kathleen414 @ijustcantdoit @revilo10 @as7861


Fantastic featured photo by @nancaz

House Martin is brilliant











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by: premierphotosuk
on: 27/07/2018 | 20:29 edited: 27/07/2018 | 20:30

Well done to everyone that's involved in The gafff, informative as always, also to add i got a mention in this week regarding (A Guide on SIM Swap Fraud & How to protect yourself from SIM-swap scams) @bluemoonbaz Thanks, but Many Of you may not have noticed I wrote this up 2 and half years ago in January 2016 so it may have changed a little since then.


Anyhow if it's still useful, so be it.


So to The gaff team as always keep up the great work you all do. I may also be returning as part of the team soon, but I will Not running Photo Of The Week @brulaw will be still doing it. As I have some new ideas I'm working on atmo. So whatch this space.Smiley Wink

On now in the photography board. Join in here Let's see and share some of your favourite animals. August challenge.

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