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The gaff - 30th March 2018

Started by: willp789
On: 30/03/2018 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 30/03/2018 | 18:00


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"The gaff is always filled with useful information and tips" - a1ant
30th March 2018/Issue #259

giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

Going LIVE – extra data in case you run out

We have great news from @gary_1989. At the end of February, Ash announced plans for new goodybag improvements, well here it comes Smiley Very Happy. Once you’ve bought 3 goodybags we’ll simply boost your data by 1GB extra every month when you buy a £10, £12, £15 or £18 goodybag. If you have bought 2 or more goodybags in the past you will instantly become eligible with your next goodybag and will keep getting this extra 1GB every time you buy another goodybag. You can leave your comments on the thread here, but we’ve also got a 2-question survey to ask if and how you’d like to be involved with testing and feedback. Please let us know (should take 7 seconds) and we can reach out to those interested in getting involved.


Open survey


Updates to Sell my Phone

giffgaff have introduced a cool new feature called Promo code and Multi-basket. This means from time to time we’ll be able to offer you even more cash when you sell your phone to giffgaff and use a promo code. It also makes it easier to sell more than one phone too. Plus, @tommy_92 brings us a nice extra: to celebrate this milestone for Sell my Phone you can now use our first promo code GGADD5 to get an extra £5 to your basket. A clarification the Change of Mind policy for phones. Any member wishing to return their phone must make giffgaff aware by following the How to Return a Phone steps within 21 days (14 working days) of receiving their phone. We will be updating the various points of the website to make this clearer.


Upcoming improvements to buying a goodybag - March/ April 2018 trial

We've got news from @riaz7: The development team and I have been on a mission to make life easier for our members and the latest changes we're trialling are on the goodybag purchase journey. Currently, when you buying a goodybag, you not only have to choose your goodybag, but we then ask you three other questions. Do you want top-up? Do you want auto top-up? Do you want recurring? We're trialling removing these extra questions from the journey. So you'll just pick a goodybag, pay and you're done. If you tick to save your card details, only then will we offer recurring (by default recurring will be turned off in the goodybag journey. If you would like to comment on this, or share any other thoughts you might have, head over here.


We are revamping one of our emails and we want you to be involved

@amy_b_d is working on a project to bring to life your stories and experiences on giffgaff in our emails. The first email being looked at is the one we send to new joiners on their 7th day to explain why they will/have received another SIM in the post - to give to a family member or a mate. From this email, they can also order more SIMs to hand out. Would you like to be involved? Head over here.

Blog Highlights
by jammydodge

Everything Apple announced at the “Let’s take a field trip” event

Last Tuesday saw the first Apple event of 2018. However, this year it came with a series of twists. It had a new name, unusually called 'Let's take a field trip'. With the clue being in the name, this different sort of event was not only held in a school in Chicago but also not live streamed and was themed around Education. So why not head over and check out @shadylady's latest blog detailing all that was unveiled at this rather interesting event.


Sony Xperia XZ2 / XZ2 Compact: Top 10 cases + accessories

Almost exactly a month since the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact were announced at MWC and it's nearly time for their release. With that in mind, if you're planning on getting your hand on Sony's latest flagship smartphone, you'll no doubt be needing something to protect and enhance its shiny exterior. In his latest blog, @wsjudd takes an in-depth look at the best cases and accessories for the XZ2. Pop over and have a read if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one.


Huawei Launch P20 and P20 Pro: Is This The Smartphone to Beat?

On the same day as Apple held their curious 'Let's take a field trip' event, Huawei took the opportunity to unveil their direct competitors to the iPhone X, the P20, and P20 Pro. In this comprehensive blog, @abdulf explores the beast of a phone that not only looks remarkably similar in design to the iPhone X but has skipped over numbers going from No.10 to No.20. Jump in to find out more!

Building your own PC
by toxiic

Want to get into buying a PC but don't want the premium price of buying a pre-built machine? Or maybe you want to upgrade a prebuilt because it's getting a bit slow. Well, look no further, here are 5 places to buy PC Parts.



Click to reveal

For a cheaper price than seen in most shops, you can pick up (usually pre owned) parts at a much more affordable price. You're able to check what other customers have said - which really you're going to want to buy from someone over 85-90% positive. The drawback is that you'll probably have to have it delivered rather than you meeting the person and paying it there and then. Just make sure you check the description and condition as if something does go wrong with the product, you may not be able to be refunded as the seller may have mentioned the fault. Also verify if returns are accepted - just in case! Like with some others on this list, there are a lot of scammers about that use eBay so watch out for them!


Click to reveal

Facebays are just groups on Facebook that you can join. Unless you live in a very small town, you probably have a group on Facebook where people from that area sell. The advantages of this is that there is a possibility that you can collect what you're buying, check it out in person, then hand over the money. Fortunately, you can check people's accounts to see their legitimacy. So see if it looks like a 'usual' Facebook account and make your decision using that.


Click to reveal

Like Facebay, Gumtree is a place where local people can buy and sell goods and services. It encourages face to face meeting although lacks popularity in some places.


Click to reveal

Amazon is known for selling nearly everything. And PC parts are no exception. You can see everything you need to know about the product, and, most importantly see reviews. These reviews will give you a good representation of the product that the seller might not describe in the product description. You can see my guide on Amazon here.


Click to reveal

Scan and Ebuyer are web based sellers and the chances are, they offer cheaper prices than the likes of Amazon, PC World and sometimes even Ebay. Scan, although slightly more expensive than Ebuyer, offer a 30 day time as well as the warranty that if anything breaks when putting it into the computer - you can contact them and they'll replace it for free, which is handy if you're a first time builder.


Check out my other content here, or the original post here.

Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Say hello to @duckypoo over here.



Pop over and say hello to @schof74 right here.



Give our new member @anneb00 a hug here.

Photo Of The Week
by brulaw



This week's featured photo is Gazing out the window by @kazkat1.


Comments from gaffers included "Nice shot" (zapo236), "Beautiful cat and photo" (ellieclarke1989), "What a lovely photo of your beautiful cat" (themzbiker), "Your cat is very photogenic" (k1ngvidic15), "You've caught the spirit of a very alert & beautiful feline. Well done." (jeanlk) and "Very pretty kitty" (thesepticpheasant).


It is a lovely photo, and it goes to show that beautiful image can be captured with phone cameras. Click here to see the original post.


Gazing out the window.jpg

Tech Developments
by revilo10

SpaceX Water Landing


When pondering as to what I should write about this week, I thought I'd take a small step away from consumer technology, and write about the larger tech world, namely SpaceX.


I'm sure we are all aware of how crazy Elon Musk has become recently with his projects, from selling flamethrowers to rockets that land themselves, is there anything is man can't do? Anyway, just this past week I noticed a livestream scheduled on the SpaceX YouTube channel, which was interesting to me since I missed the Falcon 9 launch.


SpaceX will soon be doing various landings and launches today, so you can keep up at the link below:

Thanks for reading

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by: willp789
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Hey everyone, I have two things to mention:


  1. Congratulations to @a1ant, you've been quoted from your comment below last week's edition. You can see it right at the top of The gaff, below the banner!
  2. Next week's edition might be a few hours early or late, depending on how the day goes (fingers crossed that I'll have internet access Smiley Very Happy).
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by: mcilwraith
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well done as usual everyone a quick scan just now but a better look later

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Hi everyone hope you are all well?


Thank you so much to @willp789@bluemoonbaz@jammydodge@toxiic@kathleen414@brulaw and @revilo10 for yet another great edition of The gaff. Smiley Happy


A very warm welcome to our new giffgaff members: @duckypoo@schof74 and @anneboo, I hope you are enjoying giffgaff. Smiley Happy


Congratulations to @kazkat1 for this weeks photo of the week, a beautiful cat and a great photo. Smiley Happy


I hope you all have a great weekend everyone and a Happy Easter. Smiley Happy


Kind Regards


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Thank you @willp789 for the mention, I really appreciate it. Smiley Happy


Kind Regards


a1ant Smiley Happy

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Thanks brilliant issue - happy easter everyone.
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That's all good reading

Well done to all who contributed 👍👍👍👍👍

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well done again in this weeks the gaff a great interesting read.
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