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The gaff - 31st August 2018

Started by: willp789
On: 31/08/2018 | 18:00
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by: tinawilliams0410
on: 03/09/2018 | 20:52

New boss, new gaff, new iPhone, new members, new tips.  No wonder they stopped the old phone trade ins, giffgaff focussing on new only Smiley Happy

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by: toxiic
on: 04/09/2018 | 19:24

@amandahclark @joannawaters48


Hi. You recently asked how to subscribe to gaff notifications so you don't miss them. Below are two of the methods.



The Google Calendar Reminder

Go to:

(which is linked at the top of the gaff currently).

Or, visit then click one of the "the gaff: new edition available" blocks, then "Add to calendar". You may then need to sign into your Google Account.


The short URL to type in every week

Visit on your device every week to be directed to the newest available gaff.


Any issues then please make me aware.


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by: pete2009
on: 05/09/2018 | 10:57

Another intresting read.


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by: a1antman
on: 05/09/2018 | 15:00

Hi to all The gaff team and thank you so much for this weeks The gaff. Smiley Happy


@willp789@bluemoonbaz@jammydodge@toxiic@kathleen414@brulaw and @revilo10. Smiley Happy


As always The gaff is packed full of information and is always an interesting read, so thank you to all involved. Smiley Happy


A very warm welcome to our new giffgaff members: @ddrak76@rhuba43 and @afahmed, I hope you are enjoying this great and friendly network. Smiley Happy


Concratulations to @deborah123456 for this weeks photo of the week, it is a great photo. Smiley Happy


Take care all and enjoy the rest of week. Smiley Happy


Kind Regards


a1antman Smiley Happy

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by: finlaym28
on: 06/09/2018 | 23:05
Just catching up with this week's gaff now, great way to keep on top of things around the community.
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