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The gaff - 6th December 2013

Started by: jburnham96
On: 07/12/2013 | 00:21
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by: jburnham96
on: 07/12/2013 | 00:21 edited: 07/12/2013 | 16:31

We wish you a Merry Christmas

6th December 2013 / Issue No 48


  • New approved helpers gold quiz

    If you're keeping up with the approved helpers badges there's a new gold helpers quiz, this time it's an iPhone Expert one.

  • Hi giffgaff!!!

    Yusuf gives an enthusiastic introduction to the community after working for giffgaff for 7 months. Yusuf is responsible for testing for bugs before they make it to the website.

  • Return of the Hazel 06/12/2013

    'The' Hazel has returned from a well deserved break and has some info on donating to charities. Especially useful since payback is knocking at the door.

  • giffgaff goes Wonka - giffgaff for good

    giffgaff are doing some internal fundraising for the NSPCC, a charity dedicated to stoping child abuse. You can also donate by text and you will also be entered into a draw to win a Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Goodwill credit on hold during payback period - 06 Dec

    Just a heads up, goodwill credit will not be applied during the payback period. It should be back up and running by Tuesday if all goes according to plan.

New members spotted this week



Jack registered back in August, but this week he's been helping out on the community and asking who your favourite Breaking Bad character is.



Rod joined us back in October and has been providing some useful help in the Help & Support section.



Alex junped onboard back in February 2012 and has finally made a post on the community, which so far, has recieved 26 kudos on an idea about voicemail access.



Another Jack (probably), joined back in Christmas last year so isn't a new member, but in the last few weeks they've been dipping in and out of all the different sections.






Cool stuff


Even more space!


I've noticed Stephen likes space, so here is a video I found pretty impressive showing Earth from the International Space Station. It's amazing that we live in a world where this is possible.




Weekly Poll


It's weekly poll time, this week; how did you choose to take your payback?.


How did you choose to take your payback? Credit, PayPal or Charity?


If you're taking your payback as cash you can let us know what you'll be buying here and vote on the homepage.

Thanks for reading


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by: jburnham96
on: 07/12/2013 | 00:24
So hey people, this is the first edition I've done on my own (the last couple of times I've posted it Stephen has done 99.9% of it).

I wasn't sure who was posting tonight, but Stephen seems to be having the night off, maybe catching up on sleep from last week!

It'll not be the usual high standard gaff you're used to, but I've given it my best shot.
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by: doct0r
on: 07/12/2013 | 00:26
Its still the gaff, with your stamp on it

As always, there's a few threads I've missed so your efforts are appreciated by me Jordan
I'm so happy Smiley Happy

So happy and married to the beautiful Simone_W

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by: lmd
on: 07/12/2013 | 00:27
good work mate

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by: n4tz
on: 07/12/2013 | 00:34
Woohoo Smiley Happy been waiting to see this

Nice round up @jburnham96
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by: rod2412
on: 07/12/2013 | 00:52
Thanks for the mention - loving giffgaff!!
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by: jburnham96
on: 07/12/2013 | 01:01
Glad it's not as bad as I was anticipating and you like it. Smiley Very Happy

@rod2412 - No problem, keep up the good work! Smiley Happy
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by: limpinpup
on: 07/12/2013 | 06:07
Hey bud
Thanks another top job.
Regards limpinpup
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by: imshy
on: 07/12/2013 | 08:55
Brill JB thanks Smiley Happy where's the space video though Smiley Surprised it's floated off into a black hole Smiley Tongue
Nothing To See Here!!!
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by: jburnham96
on: 07/12/2013 | 12:37

@imshy wrote:
Brill JB thanks Smiley Happy where's the space video though Smiley Surprised it's floated off into a black hole Smiley Tongue

hmmm, I can see it... I've noticed Stephen puts the videos in there in a different way, but I'm yet to work that out. I've made a little change, can you see it now?


If not, here's the link Smiley Tongue

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