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The gaff - 6th October 2017

Started by: willp789
On: 06/10/2017 | 18:00
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by: willp789
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:00
the_gaff_2017_banner_3.pngthe gaff banner by: brulaw
"I believe in me, so you believe in you"
6th October 2017/Issue #234

giffgaff Happenings
by bluemoonbaz

giffgaff 2016 statutory accounts

@sarah_ha left a summary of the headlines from our 2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements at the end of last week. 2016 saw our member base grow by 422,000 members and our total revenue grow by 23% to £351m. That growth increased our profit year on year by 18% to £25.3m. For the full post, pop over here and have a read and leave your views.


September 2017 Payback Calculations

@alex_w took the time out from his busy schedule this month to leave an update on how the payback calculations are coming on and the expected points update date. He also left us a little teaser "Hopefully we'll have some exciting things to announce as the month progresses" Smiley Wink. Click here to see the payback calculations thread.


All new giffgaff money

This week our new money site has launched with four categories. Get help to reach your saving goals, find and share Hot Deals or get support on any of our financial products.


Hot Deals & Tips

giffgaff money discussions

giffgaff money assistance

giffgaff money announcements


My giffgaff Profile Progression

Update from @richardf_. Another mission went live this week! You'll now find the 'get to know your community' mission available to complete. Maybe not quite as relevant for everyone who is active here already - but we hope you agree it's an entertaining intro as to what the Community is all about. Kudos to amy_b_d and riajoy for putting it together! For all the information about your profile progression and what it's all about (in case you missed it), all the details are here.

Lab Highlights
by as7861

Special Mentions

  • @kathleen414 spotting the new changes that came in, being quick on the ball and started a suggestion thread for these in the lab discussion. So give Kathleen a big well done on spotting the changes.
  • @matt_french you're a star because you have pushed for a thread that details the nitty-gritty. More on this below. So Well Done and to the future successes such as this.

Changes / Idea Updates

This week, @prescilla_g highlighted the smaller to bigger changes. Join in the conversation. Special thanks to @matt_french for pushing for this thread. Implemented! The changes listed shows the snapshot of the changed highlighted.

  • New idea submissions are now reviewed 100% by @prescilla_g & @fadlur_f.
  • The new landing pages observed by our very own @kathleen414. Have you seen the new landing pages? Can you suggest any improvements?
  • Due to the extensive feedback of making newcomers aware of existing ideas, the browse and search will now show the popular ideas instead of most recent but you can change this at the point of contact. Props to @blackfive460 for inspiring this change.
  • If you have not noticed that the lab page has a live interaction section. If you head over to the lab page, and scroll down you should see the active comments and voting within the lab. Join in the fun! By making your own comments on the 1000's of ideas and voting for your favourite idea.

New ideas

Glad you made it. You can now search for an idea you like by using the search bar located here. If you do not find the idea you are looking for, you can always post your idea in the contribute section, this would firstly allow you to get feedback on the idea and secondly there might be an idea that has been described very differently to what you were thinking. If all else fails, you have a chance to develop your idea and post your idea in the Lab. Good luck fellow inventors!

If you want to contribute to the changes (that will be listed under changes/idea updates section). Please free to join here, you just have to hit the join button.

High-Tech Highlights
by jammydodge

Teens 'rebelling against social media', say headteachers


Almost two-thirds of schoolchildren would not mind if social media had never been invented, research suggests. A survey of almost 5,000 students, mainly aged between 14 and 16, found a growing backlash against social media - with even more pupils (71%) admitting to taking digital detoxes to escape it.


Benenden, an independent girls boarding school in Kent, told BBC News that its pupils set up a three-day "phone-fast". Prefects at Benenden set up a temporary ban on mobile phones and social media in March, after concerns that younger pupils were spending too much time on their phones in their rooms. Headmistress Samantha Price said: "In the run-up I was worried about how the girls would cope, but afterwards they were wondering what all the fuss had been about and said we should do it again - but for even longer next time, which I found incredibly reassuring".


The survey of state and independent schools in England, by the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) and Digital Awareness UK, found that 57% of young people had received online abuse and 52% said it makes them feel less confident about themselves.


At Benenden, the girls' phones are taken away from them during lesson time but given back during lunch breaks and in the evenings. One Year 10 pupil, Pandora Mann, 14, said she was a bit annoyed at the phone-fast initially, but soon realised "we don't enjoy our phones as much as we think we do. In terms of the way we view ourselves and our lives negatively," she explained, "I think people put what they see as their best image forward - it's not always the real image." Sixth former Flora Macpherson, 17, was surprised at just how many teenagers surveyed said they would rather social media did not exist. For her, the most annoying thing about not having access to it was being unable to message groups of people.

Say Hello!
by kathleen414


Our new member is @ryanair67 and the reason he/she made the switch was because lots of friends and family have joined us.


That's fab to hear and I do believe you're not alone as we are getting lots of new members, so welcome to giffgaff. Please join me in adding your welcome and Heart right here.


Hiya and welcome to giffgaff @cute_chaos.


Our lovely new member can't wait to get more acquainted with the community and sends us all best wishes for a lovely day ahead Heart.


What a fab and warming hello to the community, I am very sure it will be reciprocated by your fellow members. You can find our little ray of sunshine here.


"How does all this work I am new to all this"


Hiya and welcome @topcat223. As you can see from our new member's post, they would like a little heads up on how we roll Smiley Very Happy.


I know you are the people to spread the news and at the same time welcome our recruit to giffgaff. Click here to welcome topcat332.

Photo of the week
by premierphotosuk


This week's photo of the week I've decided is for this photograph from The giffgaff Autumn photography challenge. It deserves to go to @shellz10 for "This lovely photo of Autumn leaves". This proves to us gaffers that Autumn is definitely here Smiley Wink.


After reading through the Autumn thread, the members have all shown us some fantastic photos. I have to admit it was a hard decision to choose between all these lovely photos, but I could only choose one and this is it?. It certainly shows us a sign of Autumn with the colour of the leaves changing Smiley Happy.


Equipment used to take this lovely photo? Taken at my local park with Samsung smartphone.


There have been some great photos posted in the Autumn challenge. For this week - I thought this photo deserves to be featured in this week's gaff Smiley Wink. Click here to see the photo in all it's glory. Well done shellz10 Smiley Happy.


Photo of the week 6th October. Done.jpg"This lovely photo of Autumn leaves" - by shellz10

Interested in sharing a photo you've taken? Have a look at the thread linked below. While you're there, you can see all the previously featured photos. You never know, your photo could join the list!


Find out more

Featured App
by revilo10

App: Auxy Studio

Dev: Auxy

Price: Free


Auxy Studio is a free music production app that has recently been blowing up. It has received support from the likes of companies such as Soundcloud. It is a very simple, but deep app. It allows you to draw out your chords and individual notes, one by one. Auxy also comes with free preset packs as standard, with other packs requiring purchases. The app has an easy workflow pattern, allowing you to get on with your music production.



Thanks for reading

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by: premierphotosuk
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:01

The gaff is here, Another week another gaff.Smiley Surprised The gaff team have been working tirelessly again to bring you all the latest news. The gaff is brought to you by members for members from giffgaff community.Smiley Wink


white-wallpaper-26.jpggraphic design. By premierphotosuk.

Remember folks: I also have a new photography challenge which is posted Now in Photography called (giffgaff Autumn challenge) it will be running from October through to December, be nice to see all you gaffers there.Smiley Wink giffgaff Autumn challenge


I hope you all enjoyed The gaff and reading it as much as we love creating it. Smiley Wink 



The gaf team20389470.png


On now in the photography board. Join in here Being creative with your photos or graphics.

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by: matt_french
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:09
Thanks for the @mention, i think this is the first time i've ever read this.

A good read with good information, thanks!
Message 3 of 37
by: kath72
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:10
Another great round up ... Thanks to all who give their time and talents to this
Message 4 of 37
by: frenchielove
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:11

Another fantastic read, thank you so much to everyone that works so hard on this 

Message 5 of 37
by: revjonty
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:16
First time I've read the gaff in a while.
Congratulations on maintaining punctuality!

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by: acetech
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:21
Another great read, thanks team gaff Smiley Happy
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by: shellz10
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:32

Wow 😲 I'm shocked!! Thanks so much @willp789 for choosing my autumn pic. I just snapped it as I was walking through my park.

My first ever competition entry!

Must be beginners luck, as there were so many other fantastic entries.

Thanks again @willp789 ,  @premierphotosuk, and all the giffgaff team.  Have a great weekend, happy snapping! Shellz1

Message 8 of 37
by: willp789
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:42

shellz10 wrote:


Wow 😲 I'm shocked!! Thanks so much @willp789 for choosing my autumn pic. I just snapped it as I was walking through my park.

My first ever competition entry!

Must be beginners luck, as there were so many other fantastic entries.

Thanks again @willp789 ,  @premierphotosuk, and all the giffgaff team.  Have a great weekend, happy snapping! Shellz1


@shellz10 it was @premierphotosuk who chose your photo (trust me, he has high standards Smiley Tongue). You've definitely got a knack for photography, keep on snapping those photos!

Message 9 of 37
by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 06/10/2017 | 18:44
Once again huge thanks to team giffgaff👏

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