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The gaff - time for a rethink?

Started by: alanjury
On: 23/10/2018 | 10:29
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by: suppers_ready
on: 24/10/2018 | 20:27 edited: 24/10/2018 | 20:30

@kath72 wrote:


@blackfive460 Wrote


I should also add that, at one time; years ago, I found the Gaff quite useful but now don't bother. I just don't find it at all interesting.

Ditto I’m afraid :/ I appreciate it is put together by ‘volunteers’ and I’m interested to hear they are looking to revamp the format so maybe it’ll become a more attractive read to me. 


I think it’s important moving forward that there are checks in place ... it seems recent events have highlighted that  the team have complete free reign so can publish anything they want, accurate or inaccurate, original or heavily influenced by other sources.  The fact that the thread is posted on Friday evening then not interacted with by the editing team has huge potential to damage the Giffgaff company image where something is published which maybe shouldn’t be.  As it is a team there is no reason if one person is busy, another cannot check in with the thread which would mean any issues highlighted by readers could be picked up and dealt with... after many comments, a new thread to get attention, reports etc nothing was done last week until a pm was sent to an educator 22 hours later ... I’m not blaming any individual for this, it is a fault in processes which now need reviewed and changed 



incodentaly at least one previous editor has been completely missed off the credits list ! 



 gordie10? I remember him well Smiley Happy



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by: harrrrrry
on: 25/10/2018 | 11:27



I thought was only counted if they came from high ranking members ,

As far as I can remember, all kudos count for something, but there is some form of weighting applied. It's not only the rank of the member, but also weighs in favour of somebody who gets kudos from multiple members, So a kudo each from several higher ranking members may count for more than the same number of kudos from a single high ranking member and may possibly count for more than a higher number of kudos from a small band of lower rank members.


The system tries to compensate for members indiscrimanately awarding kudos to posts with minimal merit but no such system is perfect.


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by: giffgaff20147
on: 25/10/2018 | 11:34


Wrote As far as I can remember, all kudos count for something, but there is some form of weighting applied. It's not only the rank of the member, but also weighs in favour of somebody who gets kudos from multiple members, So a kudo each from several higher ranking members may count for more than the same number of kudos from a single high ranking member and may possibly count for more than a higher number of kudos from a small band of lower rank members.

It’s as clear as mud really like the whole payback calculation 

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by: mcilwraith
on: 25/10/2018 | 12:25

i think the gaff should stay where it is.

for me its handy for finding out if you`ve missed something through the week

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by: sasha_t
on: 25/10/2018 | 14:06
I don't think i've ever clicked on it tbh, but i guess if people enjoy reading it then it should stay.
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by: geu42
on: 25/10/2018 | 19:27
Just have it as a locked thread, those interested in it can still read it but not comment on it. Thanking the op with a kudos, as they do now, is all that's needed really. That would then stop the high amount of kudos giving on the thread too.
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by: persco
on: 25/10/2018 | 19:32

Am not a regular for the gaff but is my first source of info/news/updates anytime I feel I have been away for a while. Of course there is always room for improvement and kit immune to criticism but any ideas that would make it better is welcomed but please let it stay. 

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by: essie112mm
on: 25/10/2018 | 19:55

Thanks to the comprehensive potted history of The gaff I had a little wander down memory lane of my time with giffgaff and was reminded of three things: Firstly, the degree of involvement of educators in community life then compared to now. Secondly, gordie10's stint as editor of he gaff which was omitted. For anyone interested in how The gaff looked in his day here's a great edition which illustrates nicely how much fun and relaxed good humour and banter was around then (and missing these days). Lastly, the round up of community news in 2015 was more granular and incisive than the pasting of large parts of the OPs of staff threads on Announcements that we have now, and each piece was written by the irrepressible and sorely-missed gordie10 himself.


I, too, am inclined to the view that The gaff should perhaps be found a new home. My choice would also probably be General Discussion because I believe it would most likely be read by more members than where it is now and provide some gravitas to the forum. Having said that, it has evolved to a point where the content is such that it could almost be posted anywhere. For example, the Photo of the Week is a good fit with GD, as are the Psychology Tricks in the 12th October edition. But other times there are articles which would fit well in Tips & Guides (eg there was one on study tips for GCSE - or something similar- and tips about printer ink, battery life etc., etc.). So there's no rationale for not considering a change to the forum where The Gaff is located. When the new Vanilla platform is launched in 2019 it might even be better as a link in a banner, like the ones we used to have in the past. The only factor deciding where and how it should be displayed is that which attracts the most readers. 


Regarding the kudos debate, I feel that giffgaff's decision against the will of many members to effectively make the giving of kudos limitless has undoubtedly contributed towards the situation which we have now. Raising the ceiling to such a degree has made members much less circumspect about when and to whom they award them. Here's the thread for anyone unfamiliar with what happened. 


Looking at the problem of The gaff missing important changes and news on the community this could be avoided by more communication between various members of the team than appears to happen at the moment. Another suggestion which might help is to change the publication time of The gaff from 6pm to later in the evening or perhaps even the following morning. This would allow the editor to have a quick look round in Announcements to check that nothing important has been missed. 


I must admit that in general content in The gaff is not something which interests me. Nevertheless, I salute those who stepped in at short notice in 2017 and prevented it becoming another venture which died a quiet death. No matter what any of us thinks about the direction it has taken none of us stepped forward to take over the editorship and arguably what we have is better than nothing. You can't please all of the people all of the time and obviously the current format pleases some. 


Finally, and I have suggested this before, would it not increase the number of views to send all new members a link to The gaff with a message along the lines of, "If you don't want to visit the community but would like to keep in touch with announcements and other news, then make this link a favourite and when clicked it will take you to the current edition of The gaff." ( sorry, I don't do giffgaffy 'speak'; it makes me wince Smiley Wink). The link used to be the that's now defunct and a new one would have to be created. At the bottom of each edition of The gaff gordie10 also used to have a link to the previous and next editions. 


P.S. I'm glad to see that the OP is another member of what I think of as the NAT SHOP club (Not Afraid To Stick Head Over Parapet). Welcome, alanjury. We need more members who will encourage discussion.  




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by: cps15966
on: 25/10/2018 | 22:42 edited: 25/10/2018 | 22:49

Actually I've changed this post as it's unfair.


People are entitled to opinions.

I think the gaff is a good thing and just a summary and people should be entitled to post under it. 


Maybe we should have certain things where you can't apply a kudo, like the gaff

cps15966 - The creator of the idea for @ mentions you have all come to use and love Smiley Tongue
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by: mitchell98
on: 26/10/2018 | 19:56

Hi all,


As the former Editor of The gaff, it seemed only right that I would delve into this discussion and see what everyone thinks. I'm glad to see so many members who are still passionate about this amazing project, so many years down the line.


In @alanjury's first post, I can see he raised a lot of points regarding The gaff - it's nice to see a well thought out thread being constructed and points/opinions being voiced, good job. 


As the current Editor @willp789 has done, I wanted to take the chance to look into these points with detail, and respond to them.


"Each week a new edition is published and is given pride of place as a sticky thread on the ‘Contribute’ board, but does it really deserve such treatment?"

Personally, I believe The gaff should absolutely be featured within the Contribute board with a sticky. Throughout the history of The gaff, as far as I have read and have been involved, it has always been placed at the top with the other important threads, and there's a reason for it. I feel it to be important that every member, guest or visitor has the chance to catch up on the weekly events happening around giffgaff, in a high-quality newsletter, which may well be skipped past, were it not for the sticky being applied. 


"Who has editorial control?"

That would be down to whoever is the Editor at the time. At present, it is @willp789 and has been since my last publication as Editor in June 2017. I believe it will always be the case that the Editor at the time will have editorial control, however, this does not mean the team has no say in what happens. The gaff's team has always had a say and input into each and every publication, giving different ideas and suggestions, so an Editor will never and should never have total domination over what goes in and what is left behind within a publication.


And is it signed off by giffgaff staff before publication?

The short answer is no. Sometimes giffgaff will approach an Editor with fun and exciting content which they may want to be featured within The gaff, such as competitions, important threads or announcements. I don't believe giffgaff should be signing off publications, simply because this is a member-run project, as it has and always will be.


If any other members of the community wanted to contribute, would that be welcomed? If so, how can other members go about that?

The gaff has an incredibly hard-working team surrounding it, and it always looking to expand or feature different sections. There have been many occasions where the size of the teams has been criticized, however, no one would offer to volunteer to produce content for The gaff which is a real shame, considering how incredibly passionate some members are.


A second issue is the quality of the content, which seems to either be lifted from elsewhere in the community or copied directly from external websites, as was the case with the High-Tech Highlights section last week

In my time as Editor for over two years, I have never experienced or witnessed any plagiarism within The gaff, in any sections. I have looked into this and I am shocked that this has been the case on this one occasion, and as Will has mentioned, it will be addressed and undoubtedly will not recur again in the future.


Does this really fit with the purpose of the ‘Contribute’ board as a space to provide feedback, take part in giffgaff projects and have a say in upcoming developments?

I feel Will has covered everything there is to say and pick up on in regards to the Contribute board being the appropriate home for The gaff. One thing I will mention is that within The gaff, there are often some important threads or announcements being raised, which allows members to criticize or produce valuable feedback regarding those issues - for this reason alone, I believe the Contribute board is the perfect place for The gaff to reside.


One of the biggest issues for me is that each edition of The gaff is followed by many comments which seem to be placed entirely with the aim of getting kudos

I completely dispell this as I believe each and every comment within The gaff is incredibly valuable. There's plenty of feedback from each and every publication, whether it's praising the team or suggesting improvements for a publication or for the project as a whole. The publications also generate discussions regarding the topics involved and referring back to what I've mentioned already when it's announcements or important threads, I feel this is something we should be encouraging.


My final comment on this is that it's always nice to see so many passionate members coming together to discuss The gaff and voice their opinions, and I think it would be great to see those people put their passion towards positive and high quality within The gaff. As Will and others have said, The gaff will be welcome to opening their arms and bringing more team members on boards.




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