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The many different ways to contribute to the community

Started by: vincent
On: 15/01/2010 | 12:38
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 15/01/2010 | 12:38 edited: 07/03/2012 | 17:31

Hi all,


I thought I'd give an explanation on the many ways in which you can contribute to the giffgaff community.


As you all know, the central theme for giffgaff is about helping each other. So what we mostly look at is how people help each other out in our community.


Helping out by answering questions:


This can be by way of posting an answer to a question. Some answers require people to have an extensive knowledge of certain mobile phones, or the technology behind them. (Or being very handy at google.) Sometimes it even requires writing a complete tutorial on how to giffgaff a specific phone.


But sometimes it's not needed to answer anything more then a simple 'Yes' or 'No', so don't worry about always having to provide lengthy answers. It's all about providing the right sort of answer to the variety of questions that can be asked.


The same goes for redirecting someone to the right link of our 'Support' section. Again, it is all about helping someone out. So you don't have to be incredibly knowledgeable on giffgaff or mobile phones to help out. As long as you know where to find the right information, when someone else doesn't, you're helping out. And that's what it's all about.


There will be times when you're not solely responsible for the final answer, but are helping people moving in the right direction. Maybe what you said, will give someone else an inspirational thought! Just the thing he or she needed to start thinking of the solution. All these thing count towards your points.


So if you see someone providing the right answer, or helping someone on the way to finding the right answer, give them some kudos! Claire has kindly created a post on How to give Kudos. So have a read Smiley Happy


Should you create a post with a question, and that question is later answered, click the 'Accepted Solution' button, so anyone else that is looking for the same answer, can quickly find it! (Only the person who created the original topic, can mark an answer as an 'Accepted Solution'.)


Helping out by answering questions via Twitter:


You can help out by answering questions via Twitter by using our Twitter application or simply by going to Tweets come in via #giffgaff and #giffgaffhelp. To learn more about our Twitter application, please look here


Helping out by answering questions via Facebook:


You can help out by answering question on our Facebook page. These can be found either on our wall or on our 'Help' section.



Contributing to the giffgaff Wiki:


One of our lovely community members has set up a wiki here: but now it is up to all of us to contribute to it. So maybe you're a big wiki fan, a hoarder of information, a builder of data palaces, a... ah well, you know what I'm getting at, I'm sure Smiley Happy So please add whatever information you feel would would be helpful to the community, then let us know about it, so we know that you've been helping out.


A more customer support oriented wiki has sprung up here, which might be great to work on as well. You can find that one here. (


Helping out by finding and reporting bugs:


Should you come across a bug in our system, don't just forget about it! Let us know here on the forums. Any bug that you find, we hope to fix, so it makes the service better for everyone. The more information you can provide, the better of course. As it will be easier for us to find the solution if we can recreate it.


Coming up with ideas:


Part of the whole set up of giffgaff is to get the community involved with the company itself. And we're looking at many different ways to involve you all as much as possible. But one thing you can always do, is telling us your ideas on our service, how we can improve it, what features you'd like to see, what innovations in technology we should be aware off, etc. etc. We're always on the look out to improve our service to you, so this is another way you can really have a voice in what happens with giffgaff. So don't be shy and let us know what's on your mind!


Marketing suggestions:


Have you got great ideas on how to market giffgaff? We'd love to hear about them. Have you gone out there and started your own giffgaff marketing campaign? Cool! Lets see it. Show us what you've done, how you've done it, who got involved, anything you'd like to share is welcome, and we're a very curious lot Smiley Very Happy


Got cool ideas for promotions we should be running? Anything you can get involved? Want to set up a concert only giffgaffers can attend? Have you got a band that plays giffgaff songs? You think of it, we want to hear of it.


Get creative:


So maybe answering questions isn't your bag, can't be bothered putting words to your ideas, but love to create beautiful works of art in photoshop, doodle a bit in paint or maybe you're a flash hero?


Great! We can't wait to see what you can come up with. Wallpapers for on your phone, your computer, skins, banners, posters, animations, flashgames, you name it, it's all cool. So post it up here on the forums, and show us what you created.


Video talent:


Are you smart with a video camera? Then we'd love to see your work. Maybe you fancy creating a video tutorial on how to giffgaff a phone? Maybe you'd like to shoot a giffgaff commercial? It's all possible, and all welcome. Just go crazy and show us what you've come up with. The possibilities are endless. (Okay, a full length feature film on giffgaff might be a bit too much, but then worse movies have been made I'm sure Smiley Very Happy)


And don't forget, any contributions you make to the giffgaff community, count towards your payback points! Find out more on how we allocate points here.


Using giffgaffs 'spread the word' tools:


All of the above are as I said, ways of earning points towards your payback and then there are ways to help giffgaff grow by getting other people to sign up. These are somewhat more straight forward. Give your friend a SIM card ( and when they activate the SIM you automatically earn yourself 500 points. Does your friend want to order the SIM card themselves, sure no problem, just remind them to pop your username in the 'recommended by' box, and you earn yourself 200 points.


So as you can see, there are many, many ways of earning your payback points, but as always, if you can think of other ways, which should also be considered to go in this list, lets us know about it, and start earning points straight away Smiley Happy






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by: daveysludge
on: 23/01/2010 | 01:50

Heres an idea...


Advertise GG as a business opportunity, prospective candidates would phone up wanting to know more. Tell them they could make £5 a shot to promote what is basically the best PAYG deal on the market. You would then order a sim for those who are interested in doing it and make a fiver in the process!


Could be a nice little earner!

micro Simmicro Simmicro Sim
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by: adamkang
on: 30/01/2010 | 19:51

Im interested video marketing, making a commercial, or having people join by scouting the streets, where would i upload the video? and how many points are we talking here?

Smiley Happy

Kudos ME Smiley Very Happy
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 01/02/2010 | 12:16


@adamkang wrote:

Im interested video marketing, making a commercial, or having people join by scouting the streets, where would i upload the video? and how many points are we talking here?

Smiley Happy



You can upload your video on youtube, and then upload it on the site here to let us know about it. How many points you'd get for it I don't know. As an indication on what you could get you can look at the following two examples:


At the moment there are two different video's which get rewarded. The Tool Hire video's get rewarded with a VIG sim, which is free calls/texts/data for a year. And also there are the video's which explain a top tip, which get 1000 points.


As for getting people to join by scouting the streets. Well, you get 500 points for each one that activates their sim.


I hope that clears things up a bit?

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by: adamkang
on: 08/02/2010 | 13:49

I recently purchased a morphsuit ( and was gonna do something with that, but i think ill have a look into the hire tool thing then Smiley Happy

thanks for replying!

Kudos ME Smiley Very Happy
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 08/02/2010 | 15:52

Neah, the Morf suit looks fun too!


Just add the giffgaff bits in the actual video and description and stuff, and you can do what you want Smiley Happy


I think there are a few bits and bobs you have to do in order to qualify, but hiring one of the tools is not necessary if you make something else fun.


So I wouldn't scrap your own idea straight away Smiley Wink

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by: adamkang
on: 08/02/2010 | 18:54

yeah ill give it a shot, its a bit chilly at the moment so ill do it when its warm enough to go out practically naked haha

Kudos ME Smiley Very Happy
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 09/02/2010 | 14:44

18+ rated giffgaff clips Smiley Very Happy


Oh dear....


Mike (the bossman), don't look here Smiley Wink

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by: judith
former giff-staffer

on: 19/02/2010 | 15:41

You could tape the giffgaff pixels in the more erm, sensitive areas!

Judith @ giffgaff finance
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by: s_hadley
on: 11/04/2010 | 12:48

I've just started selling phones on ebay, a small venture, I've ordered a few G.G. sims and give them away with my unlocked phone sales, I also p.m. the buyer with the G.G. pricing and highlight the best features, ie free vid/G.G. calls, free net (till May) and the free 0880 calls.

Whether they activate is up to them, they get a free fiver of credit if they do, which they are informed of.


G.G. is a great idea, the more we get onboard, the better it is for all of us.

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