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The network outage

Started by: covertsystemx
On: 12/12/2018 | 12:06
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by: covertsystemx
on: 12/12/2018 | 12:06

 The network outage, bit of a sore point.

I can only imagin that my phone got totally drained of power despite having a full charge.

I missed an alarm call to pick up a friend and family to go to a funeral.



Last time this happened under O2, my phone died (ran out of batter) because the phone was constantly oppling and burned through the battery, I assume the same happend to my phone.

A phone with 100% charge at 9am that previous day then over night I wake up 2 hours after the funeral to pick up my phone and it wouldn't power on until I charged it.

Since then, its bee fine.

So thanks to whoever that didn't pay the licence renewal on the network needs to be fired. What was it? Microsoft are known to not give a rats ass about infrastructure their OS is used on, its why I am a firm believer in the use of LINUX for those systems, no licence issues regarding the OS.

When Google went down a number of years ago, it was again down to software operating system licence fees expiring.



A society or system SHOULD NOT be held to ransom by a single entity because it wants more than its pound of flesh.

A good system is one that does not rely on licences but is supported by the vendor on a long term retainer that is topped up on an annual basis and the failure to pay on time should ont stop a critical system from being blocked like that.

I laughed that hard I burst my colostomy bag....
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 12/12/2018 | 12:12

This time it was down to Ericsson for the outage @covertsystemx. Sorry to hear about the funeral dilemma buddy. 

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by: random112
on: 12/12/2018 | 12:24
Some valid points, but two things to consider - if you use Linux you still don't get Internet when o2 go down and you still can't use when Google fail to renew their domain. You are still reliant on third parties.

In this specific case, Ericsson caused the problem and even Ericsson didn't know they had to renew that license on their own piece of equipment that they made themselves.
You're wrongly assuming that o2 don't pay Ericsson on a long term retainer, and regardless of whether they do or don't the problem would still have happened because the manufacturer didn't even know!

But otherwise valid points and I would add that choosing to control your supply chain by not using too many third parties minimises your risk of disruption, up to the point where one goes out of business or chooses to do something that makes you want to switch supplier (price hike, security concern, ethical issue) then you have less fallback, less contingency and its harder to switch.

Maybe switch off the computers and go back to typewriter and pigeon.
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by: k89bpa
on: 12/12/2018 | 13:13

@covertsystemx wrote:


Last time this happened under O2, my phone died (ran out of batter) because the phone was constantly oppling and burned through the battery, I assume the same happend to my phone.

I understand your frustration, but is it perhaps somewhat misdirected? 

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by: freedmaniac
on: 12/12/2018 | 20:08


Not an expert, but I don't think it is that type of licence where you pay for it.

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by: covertsystemx
on: 13/12/2018 | 00:47

I know it was the network, and the company, the fact that is was down to SOFTWARE LICENCE from a 3rd party company that caused the isses, effectively puts all phones in to a polling mode to repeatedly ping the tower, that take huge amounts of energy which is why tower pings are only initated when you enter in to another cell from another cell coverage.

I do know how networks work you know.

So your battery gets sucked dry, if you have an older phone from 10 years ago, not so much a problem, a smartphone, even with battery management software, will run out very quickly.

Next time you wonder why your phone is low on battery and you don't know why, try to think how many cell's you passed through and how often.

If you travel the entire M1 then you are passing a few hundred towers as a tower has a 45 mile range but due to terrain and other factors including the earths curviture and other factors such as if you are near a large body of water.

So the typical maximum range is around 22 miles for a cell loweing to a few square miles in densily populated areas.

So a network goes down, the phones can not connect to the towers and because the network is not there.

Its like your table on a wifi, move too far, the speed slows down of data, so you can not be too far from any tower or the network or in the case of a wifi, close to the connection source.

People are too simplistic in their replies, all to ready to gloss over the fundermental workings of a system, in my world, its better to know how it works than be told how it works from a vendor.

My knowledge of networks was covered in a course for network administration and part of that course covered mobile phone, mobile networks, mobile security, and how vpn's for mobiles and offices are set up and so on...

So I do knpw TYVM, I don;t need to be told I'm talking out the top of my head as I am not, Smiley Happy

I laughed that hard I burst my colostomy bag....
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by: k89bpa
on: 13/12/2018 | 03:02

@covertsystemx I wasn't commenting on your technical understanding.


I was commenting on the fact that you have previously experienced issues due to network outages and despite this you failed to take any steps to eliminate or reduce the effect on you and your life should the same happen again. 


You didn't miss the funeral because of the network outage, you missed the funeral because you failed to do one or more of the following: 


a) plug your phone in

b) have a backup device 

c) buy an alarm clock, (electric, wind up or both)

d) failed to set an alarm on any devices with that functionality


That's what I meant when I suggested that perhaps your anger and frustration is being misdirected. As harsh as it sounds you could have easily attended the funeral, as planned, if you had learned from your previous experiences and taken responsibility for yourself and your life. 


Perhaps you'll learn from this experience now that it's happened twice and make decisions which mean that the impact on yourself is very much reduced should you experience the same issue for a third time. 


I'm sorry if you think I'm attacking you, that's not my intention, what I'm trying to do is make people realise that it is their choices alone which inconvenience them at such times. 


My own contract SIM went down for four hours the other day and my life didn't change at all because I take responsibility for myself and my choices and I was prepared for such an event. All those who have "suffered" difficulty as a result of the outage, (especially those like yourself who've now experienced the same thing twice), can learn from this and make sure they're  better prepared in the figure. 


Your network expertise will make you well aware that "**bleep** happens" and that 100% connectivity is not guaranteed, so you know that the above makes sense and yet...


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by: userx8
on: 13/12/2018 | 07:31 edited: 13/12/2018 | 08:15

I'm sorry about the loss of your phone, I sincerely hope it rests in plastic (RIP). I must question though, why fry it in batter though? I'm sorry but that's probably why it died.

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