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Top up every 3 months

Started by: jangir
On: 10/04/2010 | 02:27
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by: jangir
on: 10/04/2010 | 02:27



I feel the top up every three months to continue to get free calls and txt via giff, should be changed. It should instead be changed to a minimum of £5 top up every month, this way giff get £5 more in revenue and we the giffrevs(giffgaff revolutionists) get to top up a smaller amount then the current £10. This would also be good for parents who wish to top up for there kids but not over do the top up, £5 monthly allowance seems like a good idea. Also on the account details all calls should be available to view. not free calls and txt, just calls that cost. that i feel would be helpful. and finally i feel the internet should have a data/time cap on it to remain free. so for example you get two hours free a day after that its 10p an hour. and we need to have a vote on wether to keep the name or change it to something all users agree with, its a nice name, but when you try to sell it to new users, it dont exactly inspire them does it, giffgaff, sounds more like a windup gaff.



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by: jonmd
on: 10/04/2010 | 10:32

I like 3 monthly topup timespan, would be even better if 6 monthly. Not actually that bothered about free GG to GG texts/calls but would like a daily data allowance free if possible. The time aspect of data usage doesn't seem to have much relevance and I am sure that such things as push e-mail could potentially leave you connected for several hours without using much data.

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by: geekonthepc
on: 10/04/2010 | 15:53

I like it too - £10 per 3 months is perfect for me. Wouldn't want to have to top up every month - that just becomes a hassle!! Smiley Tongue

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by: alexpower
on: 11/04/2010 | 20:04

I have had my sim since January and never topped up. So the prices are pretty good!

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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 12/04/2010 | 15:18


@geekonthepc wrote:

Wouldn't want to have to top up every month - that just becomes a hassle!! Smiley Tongue



You could of course just set auto top-up to ON, that way when you get below £3 in credit, you get automatically topped up with the amount you pre-set. (Either £10 or more).



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