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Tracking ongoing issues with prefixes and prices

Started by: ian011
On: 20/07/2014 | 22:00
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by: ian011
on: 20/07/2014 | 22:00 edited: 12/09/2015 | 10:21

This post is just for tracking ongoing issues with prefixes and prices.

Changes made after 2015-03-03 are not included.



See also: Tidying up a few loose ends with prefixes & prices.



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by: 1992chris
on: 20/07/2014 | 22:12
That's helpful Smiley Happy
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by: asciimotog
on: 23/07/2014 | 12:52 edited: 24/07/2014 | 14:06

Thanks @ian011  - you're doing a good job! This is really helpful.

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by: endorphin
on: 12/08/2014 | 17:24
The pricing issues should really be fixed ASAP so as not to invite the wrath of trading standards!
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by: steeplechaser
on: 24/08/2014 | 23:14

That's a nicely done list, well done ian

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by: silvercentral
on: 17/12/2014 | 12:02
Impressive. Good work, @ian011
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by: woolhouse
on: 11/05/2015 | 17:39

Having been with giff gaff now for over 6 months I am still unsure about which numbers are included in my goodybag.  I know I can call UK landlines and UK mobiles but what about the other numbers which are given by banks and lots of other organisations?  It would be useful to have a definitive list of the prefixes which are included in a goodybag.  The 'tracking on going issues' does not really do this so I am still confused as to which numbers I can call.

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by: ian011
on: 11/05/2015 | 23:23 edited: 11/05/2015 | 23:25

Most banks now use 0345 or 0370 numbers. These are inclusive calls on landlines and on mobiles.


Forthcoming regulation from Ofcom and the FCA has prompted the move away from 0845 numbers.


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by: ian011
on: 10/09/2015 | 16:45 edited: 10/09/2015 | 16:46

With the invisibility of hundreds of thousands of comments from the Ideas board for many months, followed by the subsequent closure of that board to new comments and archiving of the contents as well as the activation of Labs as a replacement (and with none of the comments from the Ideas board migrated over) using the list in this thread to track progress became impossible.


The list was rehashed in a new thread:


After another six months, and following changes in regulation that rendered several items obsolete, the list was again rehashed in another new thread:


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